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Some positive thoughts going into second term

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Christmas is over which means only one thing – January blues! It’s not all bad though, and while the thought of getting back into ‘the system’ may seem difficult, a new term (and new year) means new beginnings! So today I’ll be talking about a few things to consider while starting the new academic term, to kick it off to a good start.

1. Start fresh!

If in term 1 you found yourself falling behind on assignments, reading or whatever else, why not make it your own goal to make a change and start over. It really is never too late to form good habits and generally make yourself happier. I for one am going to dedicate more time to assigned readings, as they are often just as helpful as classwork. If you’re unhappy with marks from last term and perhaps are feeling demoralised, try and incorporate the mindset that you still exams and other assignments ahead, and so much can change between now and the end of the year.

2. Try something new

If you feel a bit tired of the same, repetitive weekly routine, maybe now could be your chance to try something different or revert back to a perhaps neglected hobby! After a term of long bus journeys from Leamington to uni, I’m going to try and do something different with the two hours or so I spend on the bus. So, instead of just listening to music (which I’m not always in the mood for but am not really sure what else to do!), I’ll try and read or listen to podcasts. Hopefully, this will leave me feeling a bit more refreshed first thing in the morning. 

3. Regrets from term 1? Act on them!

On a slightly less academic level now, if there are things you wish you did, places you wish you went to or people you wish you spent more time with, why not try and make it happen this term!  I for one regret neglecting main campus slightly, only really using it for lectures and the library. This term, I hope I’ll make more use of the cafes, bars and other social areas to spend time with friends on campus.

4. Lessons from term 1? Learn from them!

Instead of perhaps trying to forget about certain mistakes and generally bad things that happened last term, it might be good to spend some time thinking about them and reflecting on what could be changed this term. After all, dealing with an issue is usually a more effective way of moving on from it in the long term.

5. It’s all about the mindset

Through the last year and a bit of university, I have come to realise that your mindset really sets you up for a good or bad day and can impact how you deal with different situations. Try and start the term with a positive mindset and be open to what lies ahead.


Happy New Year to everyone, and I hope Term 2 starts off well!

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