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Some gems I found on the Warwick website

This summer, in addition to reading and writing poetry, I am planning to develop a lot of new skills as part of personal development. I haven’t got a proper internship or work experience organised (which can be quite difficult for first year students) but I have sorted out some volunteering and there is a lot that I can prepare for.

With regards to looking for resources, this year I have realised that there are more advantages of studying at Warwick than just saying you’re studying chemistry at one of the top ten universities in the country. The Warwick website has more to offer than can be publicised. I therefore decided to do a post-mortem of the Warwick website to find out about all the things that are being offered to students.

Sprint: a programme for female undergraduates and postgraduates to develop their confidence, assertiveness and networking skills (overall personal development).

Warwick Skills Portfolio Award (WSPA): helps you to develop skills that are valued by employers. Signing up involves a course that you can access on Moodle followed by workshops.

Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (URSS): offering a summer research project to undergraduates.

Enterprise: open to students from across the university.

Warwick volunteers: providing opportunities to be active in the local community.

The experience pool: an online portal to find paid or volunteering roles at Warwick

Tell your story: My portfolio – on Moodle. This enables you to keep track of your personal achievements whilst at Warwick.

IT services: free IT training courses.

Write right: a Moodle course on academic writing. A range of complex Academic Writing activities for all Warwick students.

Work experience bursary scheme (WEBS): supports students undertaking unpaid work experience financially and to help you maximise your career prospects as well. Awards are made at £30 per day for up to 10 days per year.

Warwick Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme: an online programme designed to foster your ability to think like an entrepreneur and develop innovative products and services.

Warwick Undergraduate Internship Programme: 6-week full time summer internships for Warwick penultimate year students based within academic and administrative departments as well as offering learning and development support.

Warwick Intercultural Training Programme: designed to help you prepare for your intercultural experiences with online teaching modules and reflective exercises.

Any skill that you can acquire through these programmes is going to be so useful! Of course, besides these, you have the many societies at Warwick. Make full use of all the opportunities that you have available to you at Warwick.

I will continue to update this list as I find more and please do comment below if you’re aware of any other opportunities. I (and other readers, I’m sure) would love to know about them!

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