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Some favourite student discounts

Rebecca Preedy
Rebecca Preedy | Ancient History and Classical Archaeology with Study in Europe Contact Rebecca

Over the course of your studies you’ll be bombarded by offers and enticements from various companies wanting to reel you in with the prospect of the great student discount. Back when I was preparing to come to Warwick, I signed on to so many of these schemes that I can’t remember half of them, and now my inbox is full of junk that I never use and feels extremely pointless to me. However, every cloud has a silver lining, and with that in mind, here’s the offers and discounts I have come to love taking advantage of in my time as a student.

NUS Extra:

This is of course the go-to of student discount cards, however I still get a lot of people asking me if it’s worth buying. The answer is undoubtedly yes. Unless you can say you NEVER eat out or NEVER buy clothes, then the NUS Extra card is essential. 10% off at New Look might not seem like much, but actually once you’ve been a few times and thrown in a meal out with your friends at around 30% off, you’ve more than paid back the £13 the card costs to start with.


Amazon Prime:

I got Prime Student at the end of last year with the aim of binge-watching Downton Abbey over the summer, and although they’ve now removed it from Prime Video (which left me more upset than I care to admit), Prime has enough benefits that I’ll be willing to pay for it once my 6-month trial has ended. On more than one occasion, I’ve found myself in need of a book, gift or frivolous item at short notice. Having free next day delivery is a godsend, and I’ve more than made my money’s worth just on this aspect of Prime. They also provide an additional student discount on many textbooks, which is an added bonus.


Boohoo Student Premier:

A well-hidden gem, Boohoo Student Premier is essentially prime for clothes, giving you a year’s worth of free next day delivery and even some extra discounts. Perfect for that emergency when you realise none of your tops are clean before a night out, or ideal for when you just want to treat yourself after a hard day, this has been one of my latest and favourite student deals. I also find an added perk of Boohoo in general is their ‘what size am I?’ function, which helps you choose which size to get based on what people with a similar body type to you have returned/kept depending on fit. As someone who is often between sizes, this is a great perk of a brand that only sells online. 



This card is particularly relevant to Arts and Humanities students and has been one of my most exciting student finds. As an Ancient Historian, I really enjoy visiting museums and galleries, and the ArtFund card offers either free entry or 50% off many museums, galleries and Exhibitions. This only cost me £5 (I think it’s usually £10, but they often do it for half price), and has saved me so much money. I’ve gotten into my favourite museums for free and taken half the price off an expensive ticket to see the Terracotta Warriors in Liverpool since having this card. In addition, when you sign up you get loads of great emails advertising new exhibitions, competitions and even job opportunities. For this reason, I cannot recommend this highly enough to anyone studying cultural courses at uni.



So there’s my pointers for favourite student discounts. Other than these (and one or two uses of UniDays) I haven’t used any other student offers in my time at uni, however if you have any personal recommendations or suggestions about which student discounts you like to use, feel free to post them below.



Rebecca Preedy
Rebecca Preedy | Ancient History and Classical Archaeology with Study in Europe Contact Rebecca

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