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Society’s Child – FAQ on University Societies

Whenever I give a campus tour to prospective students I always find that many of their questions revolve around societies and what they actually involve. It seems that they are a topic which is often neglected in secondary schools but, especially seeing as Warwick Uni boasts more societies than any other university in the UK, they are definitely an important aspect of university life. With this in mind, I wrote the following FAQ

University Societies are organised, social groups of students attending the same uni who share a common interest. They are affiliated with the Students’ Union and they can represent sports, hobbies, faiths or any other kind of interest. They function as a very useful way to make new friends with similar likes and dislikes to yourself.

Naturally, every society differs but generally, the members of the society meet up on a scheduled basis to practice, discuss, organise events or even just to socialise. Depending on the nature of the society, the group may be involved with certain competitions or fixtures on a regular basis.

In the case of sports teams, things occur very much like a local team; you train, you play, you attend social events etc.

Other societies may have events towards which they are aiming but others are much more casual and events can simply be as chill as a conversation in a café.

During Freshers’ week there are different society fairs in order to expose you to as many of the societies as possible – this makes it easier to understand what is on offer. You can easily sign up at these fairs in person or alternatively, you can sign up to any society at any time via the Warwick SU website.

Anything and everything! Here at Warwick the choices vary from football to chess to Drum and Bass to Cheese and Wine to Real Ale to Lego…anything goes so long as it isn’t illegal or unethical.

A societies membership costs about £20 from the Students’ Union, this grants a student access to sign up to any society with which they want to be involved. After this has been purchased, individual memberships to societies cost an additional couple of pounds each.

Do I have to join a society?

There is absolutely no obligation to join any society and most even offer the first few attendances free as a ‘taster session’ so you can decide if the group is actually something for you.

By all means. There is no limit to how many societies you join but it is worth bearing in mind that if you have your fingers in too many pies, the time demands may become unreasonable.

That’s the best part! If you feel that one of your interests isn’t represented by any of the available societies, you can go about setting up your own! The process involves obtaining just 30 signatures from students who agree with you and you can set about establishing your own society and making a lasting mark on the Warwick Students’ Union.

If you have any other questions on this topic please don’t hesitate to ask.

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