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This post is dedicated to the hard work that each society puts in in order to plan and carry out an event!

As you may know, societies are a huge thing at Warwick (as well as most other unis) and one of the best things about being part of a society is joining in with all the activities and events that are organised. However, on some occasions societies put on events for the rest of the students and for the public too; these are amazing because they give everyone a chance to see what the society is really all about (as well as giving us a great night out too!).

On March 1st Hip Hop Soc held the event ‘How Many Mics?’, an incredible evening packed full of outstanding performances by those in Hip Hop Soc as well as many other acts.

Invited along by a friend who is part of the society, I was excited but felt a little anxious about attending something so different. I was worried that I’d be seen as an ‘outsider’ but the excitement of seeing my friend perform outweighed this and in the evening I wandered down to Zephyr Lounge and had the most incredible night. The evening was full of performances from amateur rappers, spoken word artists, dance groups and singers; all of which were outstanding. Although the night was full of fun and dancing, a lot of the raps and poems were laden with meaningful words and really evoked emotions from all of us watching. It was incredible to see just how many talented people Warwick Uni has to offer.

Despite feeling slightly apprehensive about being in such a different environment to what I’m used to, I was welcomed by every single person and felt totally at ease even though I wasn’t a part of the society. This showed me just how important it was to support all the societies, even if you’re not an active member; it spreads the word about what an amazing society they are, and you get a great night out too!

So if you’re looking for something to do, or want to try something a bit different, remember to see what events societies have got to offer as they’re always incredible (and cheap too!).

Bethany Goodman | Language, Culture, and Communication Contact Bethany

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