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Societies serving Patriotism- Warwick Pakistani Society in focus

You may be going out, playing different sports, exploring different places, studying or even simply spending time with your different friends at University and trust me that is enjoyable. However, if you are an international student, you may not enjoy the luxury of going home as often while being at Warwick. And this sometimes leads to this sense of emptiness in you. The lack of passion. The lack of this sense of belonging. And I attribute this to homesickness.

To cater this, we have got numerous societies at Warwick representing their respective countries. The sole purpose of these student led societies usually being to connect students at Warwick from the same countries/ parts of the world. To name a few, we currently have ‘Warwick Indian Society’, ‘Russian Speaking Society’, ‘French Speaking Society’ and numerous others reaching almost every part of the world. They organize different social events throughout the year to connect students.

My personal favourite quite obviously being ‘Warwick Pakistani Society’. ‘PakSoc’ as we call it, organizes different events throughout the year promoting our culture and food. The purpose of the events mainly being to connect Pakistani students on campus and also to introduce our culture to Non Pakistanis interested in our events.

On 3rd May, 2016, PakSoc organized a ‘Qawali Night’ on campus. ‘Qawali’ is traditional Pakistani music. It is a highly skilled role to perform such classical music and requires more than one performer. The melodies played are soothing and quite in depth with the words being sung. A performer from London was invited for this event by PakSoc. Throughout the night, he did a commendable job along with his team to ease his tunes into the hearts of those witnessing. Mid performance, a dinner break was held. Traditional and most cherished Pakistani food- Biryani was served to the attendees. After the dinner, the final part of ‘Qawali’ was performed and the event commenced. This was quite a special event, also in the sense that the new ‘PakSoc’ Executive Team elected by the society members for next academic year 2017-18 was announced.

See some of the decorations made representing Pakistani culture:




‘Ustaad Asif Raza’ playing his melodious tunes:




All in all, this was one event organized by PakSoc. If you are interested more in their activities, have a look at their Facebook page.

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