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Societies at Warwick

Societies are undoubtedly one of the best things about university!

At school, in that smaller environment, it may not be possible to cater to every interest. At university it’s just the opposite.

There are societies for almost every taste and if it doesn’t yet exist, you can make it. It really is a case of only being limited by what interests you can come up with.


One of the things I spent a lot of time doing in the break before first year started was to look into what was on offer and plan which societies I wanted to try and get involved with.

At first, I think I overloaded a little bit and couldn’t realistically keep up with everything but I thought I’d share a brief overview of my experience of trying things out and what I’ve managed to keep up with as university has gone on.



The society I am most involved with at university is the Astronomy society. At first I was just attending talks and treating it like an extension of the part of my course that I am most interested in but over time I realised how much more there is to it and I’m now on the exec for next year as well.

Astronomy society’s common events include talks, observing sessions (although this is very much dependent on compliant weather), socials normally every other week and suggestions for anything and everything related to space are always welcome!

The Boar

I took English Literature as an A level back in sixth form because I love reading and writing. At university, studying physics I thought it might be difficult to find any sort of outlet for this passion but I’ve managed to keep up with it by being loosely involved with The Boar, the university’s newspaper.

What I love about this is that, even though I’m not a regular member of the society, there are always opportunities to get involved just by writing articles whenever I have the spare time and I can write across a very wide range of topics.


Again, this is a sports club on campus that I don’t attend regularly but I played in a taster session during my first week at Warwick having never played squash before and I really enjoyed it.

I’m glad to be a member because squash usually hold club nights twice a week where you can just turn up and hit a ball against a wall for a while to get some exercise, socialise and forget about uni stresses.

Tabletop Gaming

I had to be quite fussy with this society. They normally offer different events nearly every day of the week and I knew that, even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t be able to attend them all.

They cater to all tastes including card games, board games, role playing games and miniature gaming. I always felt this was a very inclusive society and still try to go to as many different events throughout the week as I can but sometimes the pesky uni work gets in the way!

Student Cinema

I’m not so much a part of this society as I am someone who enjoys their work. The student cinema has, for the past two years, been a great way to waste an evening on campus going to watch films surprisingly soon after their release date as well as classics from many years ago.

You can get more involved with the society and help with the running of the film programme throughout the terms but, so far, I never have. Maybe one day.


Of course, there is so much more than just these. I can’t speak for any of the other societies but these that I have been to have always been welcoming and have offered easy ways into new hobbies or convenient ways to maintain old ones.

Also, I don’t know what events will be like when the start of term comes back around but I trust that students at Warwick are passionate enough and dedicated to their societies enough that we should all be able to find a new normal.

I hope you get the opportunity to try out some of these societies or any others that may take your interest!

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