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Societies and Sports Clubs

Hi everyone!

I’m currently in the middle of my reading week (and I genuinely think I’ve read more in 5 days than I usually would in a whole month) and I’m looking forward to going to London tomorrow as I have a field trip with my History of Art Course! But I’m going to tell you all about that next week, this week I want to tell all of you about the amazing societies and sports clubs we have here at Warwick!

I’m currently a member of the Art Soc, which is my favourite society. The Art Society is great, they have Life Drawing every week which only costs £1.50 for members and they provide you with all the materials you need and anyone can go along if they fancy it, they also do workshops every now and then with things like tie-dye, painting and drawing as well as socials where you can meet new people or socialise with people you know.

I’m also a member of RAG which stands for Raising and Giving and they do regular fundraising events for charities such as the Make a Wish Foundation and you also have amazing opportunities to fundraise for challenges such as trekking at Machu Picchu and climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.

We’re also in the process of getting the History of Art Society together which has been long awaited and many of the people in second and third year have been trying to get it started for a while so this is great news and I’m really excited to finally have a Society specifically for the course!

There are also a massive range of Sports Clubs, some of the people in my kitchen have tried out all sorts – Thai Boxing, Pole Dancing, Belly Dancing and Ballroom Dancing (can you tell I live in an all girls kitchen yet?) and we also have a competitive swimmer! There really is something for everyone, whether you are competitive in a certain sport or more casual there are tiers for both in most of the main sports and there are some mixed gender sports clubs so you can try things out without feeling embarrassed! There’s also many socials and circling events, which my swimmer friend tells me are full of horrific consequences if you lose the drinking games!

The only downside with the sports societies and clubs is the upfront fee you have to pay to use the sports facilities (which is why I never joined any sports clubs) but if you know you will be dedicated to the sport or enjoy it a great deal this isn’t such a bad thing.

Warwick is a very diverse university which truly does have something for everyone and their vast range of societies and sports clubs helps bring everyone together so there is no reason anyone will be left feeling unaccommadated for.

Thanks for reading!


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