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Societies and Clubs: The Importance of Getting Involved

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Countless adults and mentors, when giving advice to upcoming freshers entering university, constantly bombard them with statements along the lines of: Get involved! Try new things! Step out of your comfort zone! Many of these things are easier said than done, especially when the entire idea of independence and being self reliant in itself, is a whole step out of ones comfort zone.

Despite this, getting involved (especially during your first year, where the workload and academic as well as CV demands are not as hectic as the last two years of university), is indeed very important. It is not only essential in terms of networking, meeting new people and making friends, which can be categorised as the social aspects, but also helps in terms of acquiring necessary skills such as time management and even self discovery. You may not have known that you had a passion for a certain hobby or sport, but once joining a certain society or sports club, is when you may come to realise how much you enjoy the activity. With over 250 societies in Warwick, a good way to explore all your options is during the societies fair, which is held during the middle of fresher’s week. During this fair, expect to be ambushed by some very enthusiastic and bubbly execs tempting you in with freebies that range from bottle openers embellished with the societies logo, to free food and sweets. Rather than just getting drawn in by the freebies, make sure you really take your time to listen and read up on what the societies do and if those are what fall under your interests, do not just sign up if you don’t plan to commit.

On a personal note, when entering university, I knew I wanted to continue performing as a singer, as during my secondary school years I was highly involved in my school’s choir and music honour society and these were some of the highlights of my school memories. With this I also wanted to have the opportunity to have fun and meet knew people, hence I gravitated towards the Oriental Performance Society (OPS) which holds a status as a party and performance society, with a plethora of various performance events as well as social gatherings in Leamington and Coventry a couple times a term. Joining this society has been such an amazing experience, as I have not only grown as a singer, being exposed to trying out different song genres, venturing away from classical singing, Broadway and acoustic ballads, to mainstream pop, rock and jazz (this is me stepping out of my comfort zone), but I have also met so many amazing talented and fun people in this society. I have become so involved OPS, to a point where I now hold a position in the executive team for school year 2016-17 as the head of marketing. Being a part of this society has also sparked my interest in being involved with other societies and even to a point where I am currently working with a few friends to start up new societies that don’t currently exist yet.

Continuing on this note of societies, if there are interests and hobbies that you are into but can’t seem to find any currently existing societies or clubs that cater to these, there is always the option of starting a new society! Though you may have to undergo a couple of logistics with the Student Union, including getting a minimum of 30 signatures supporting the creation of the society, organising an executive board and writing up a constitution before the society is approved, this is a very good way to get some leadership experience as well as potentially start something new and exciting!OPS 1Lace Party

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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