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Social life: it is easy to make friends?

I'm a very sportive girl. I work out every day,…
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Someone asked me: What is your perception about the social life in Warwick? it is easy to make friends? it is hard to find that group of people who are you going to share your best moments of uni?

I have heard different stories, met many groups of friends, saw too much drama and somehow I realised I have the best people around me, those who celebrate my achievements; but moreover those who are with me in the hardest moments, in the times I feel I have messed up everything.

People usually tell me that they see me smiling all time, sharing that good vibes and I love that. However, you cannot be that way always because there are good moments, but there are also bad ones, and there will be moments when you just fall down and you feel you cannot get up. Meeting people, helping them anyway, going out or just having these brief chats around campus make me feel every situation can improve.

Social life means maybe too much for me. I believe it is essential to find a balance in our busy life of university students. It gives me those moments of relaxation, of enjoying the present, the moment, of being young. Because we are young and we should never forget that. We will never be able to go back to these moments and when we grow up and become adults, we will just remember these moments; maybe with a smile on our faces, with a laugh…

But social life is not the same for everyone. It depends entirely on your personality, on how shy or outgoing are you; but don’t forget that you would meet someone like you: people who drink, people who don’t drink, people who enjoy partying, people who enjoy a chill movie night. It is all about perspective!

Many friends found that group of people in their first-year flatmates. They live together this year, hang out together all time. I believe it is so cute and I love seeing groups of friends around. For me, friendship is the most important part of the university experience (as well as your degree for sure).

Talking about my experience, I met my closest friends in random and different situations. I met some of them in my seminars, in societies events, at parties… some people asked me how I managed to make friends in my year 1 with covid pandemic around, with a lockdown and many restrictions. I believe it is always possible to make friends. At the right moment, the right people will come around!

Friendship is not about being equal, is about complementing each other; it is about finding points in common and also differences! It is about understanding that together we are stronger and that every tough moment will pass.

I don’t know If this has ever happened to you but Warwick is the place where I have met people who truly understand me, who share ideas, feelings, passions. It doesn’t matter where are you from. I have some friends from Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, France,… it seems that all these countries are so far away from Peru but still you can find things in common with people there. With some friends, we love “friends”, football, “Star Wars”, literature, museums, Paris… there is always a point in common; however, what I love the most is meeting from such different backgrounds and learning about their cultures!

So keep open minded and just enjoy the university life!

I'm a very sportive girl. I work out every day,…
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