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Social Life: How to find a balance?

I'm a very sportive girl. I work out every day,…
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Probably this is one of the most common questions I have ever heard, and probably people tend to ask me this because I kind of manage this well.

To begin, I must say that I did not learn this at university. Managing my time is something I have done since I have memory. I guess I have always been an active person. I used to play sports at high school, attended music classes as well as studied languages after school. For example, in my final year, I used to arrive at my house at 7 pm at least 3-4 times a week, and I managed to have top marks and be ahead with my studies.

I can deny it, I love being busy! not just with work, but with plans with my friends: watching football games at least once a week, partying/clubbing at least once a week, Salsa classes on Monday, societies socials at least once a week too… so basically I arrive late every day to my place! I am trying to arrive early today, around 8 pm, Let’s hope I make it!

However, this is not my fault. To be honest, I never used to be at home back in my country. With my family, we always find the excuse to go out, even to Starbucks, to buy food, ice cream; to go to the cinema, wherever! That’s how we are and sadly (or not so sad because I quite like it), I am not going to change! Probably, I would be in trouble if I would not be able to organise my time, or if I would not be a morning person! I used to go running every morning around 5-6 am so I am still used to waking up so early and trying to be productive. It’s quite difficult to go run here though… but a home workout is always a good idea to motivate me and give me the necessary energy to start my work!

I can have plans almost all the week but also I am able to study or at least that is the plan every day! Another thing that probably helps me is that I am not able to study in my room. some people ask why and this is because I used to have a study room at home or use the big living room table to study. This kind of forces me to get ready and go to campus and find a place where I can properly study. My place now is FAB (Faculty of Arts Building ) floor 4, and I like this floor especially because of the view! I live in a flat on floor 10 back in Peru with a huge view of Lima’s main highway. Sometimes, I used just sit next to my windows and watch the cars move at high speed or the people walk around.

A friend told me once: I see you clubbing or studying; I laughed but it is completely true! You will probably see me at Pret having my third coffee chat of the day! I love that too as well as watching the football game in a pub with my mates! And I am from Latin America so for sure I enjoy a night out, dancing all the time; even though, as I always highlight the music in the clubs (in Leamington) here is terrible. Some friends have recommended Latin Clubs in London! I have to go soon because there is nothing that dancing Latino Music! That is my best recommendation for you hahaha!

So you can find a balance! it is possible because too much of one side (studying or going out) is never good!

I'm a very sportive girl. I work out every day,…
Find out more about me Contact Daira

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