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So you made it to Uni – what now? (Part 2)

If you’ve not read part 1, find it here!

There comes a time when Welcome Week has to end. So what do you need to know to navigate through first term with ease?

Something I think is really important is downloading the MyWarwick app. If you already have – fantastic! If not, do it now! Seriously – it will make your life so much easier.

On the MyWarwick app you have:

  • Your timetable
  • Any coursework you should be working on
  • A map
  • Any sports bookings
  • A place to see how busy different study areas are on campus
  • A bus timetable
  • And much more!

Something else you can see on the MyWarwick app is your Eating at Warwick balance. Eating at Warwick is a scheme run on campus where you can put money on your ID card and use it to buy food and drink around campus. Not only is this a great way to limit the amount you can spend on a night at the SU (without having to take cash) but you also get a 10% discount in many of the outlets!

On a slightly more academic note, Tabula is a system that you’ll probably get very well acquainted with. Tabula is the system used for managing coursework, timetables and some other academic tasks. You should be told a little more about it by your department but take some time to log on and have a look at around at the different parts of the website.

Another useful website to take a look at whilst you’re not very busy is MyAdvantage. MyAdvantage is a site where you can find events, skills workshops and opportunities all focused towards careers. It’s definitely a place worth having a look around!

You’ll probably find it takes you a while to find your feet with the academic side of University. Uni is such a different way of learning that you shouldn’t be surprised or worried if it takes you several weeks to get the hang of it. Learning is a lot more independent with lecturers expecting you to be curious and explore the subject area beyond what is taught in lectures and seminars. Don’t let this stress you out – the chance to explore on your own is one of the best bits of Uni! You can learn what you’re interested in (for the most part anyway). Also, every lecturer should let you know what they expect from you and what you’ll be examined on so don’t feel pressured into finding out more about something you’re not that interested in if it’s not assessed.

I’ve found that my course group chat has been very useful over the last 2 years. It’s a great source for asking questions about modules and finding out what other people are exploring outside of lectures. If you can find a group chat for your course, it’s probably worth joining!

That’s all I’ve got for you now. I’ll leave you with this – don’t panic and just go with the flow. That might sound really cliche but whilst 1st year term 1 is a great chance to try new things, it’s not your only opportunity. You’ve got 3 or more years here at Warwick so if you don’t get to do everything you want to now, you’ll get another chance later in your Uni journey.

Good luck and I hope you have a great first year!

Featured image by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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