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So you made it to Uni – what now? (Part 1)

Congratulations! You’ve made it halfway through Welcome week. At this point in my 1st year, I’d settled into my room and was starting to work out what my time at Uni was going to look like. So I thought I’d take the time now to let you know about some of the little things that make navigating Warwick Uni that little bit easier.

First things first: Welcome week.

This year is a little different (you’re probably fed up of hearing that so it’s the last time I’ll say it). But welcome week (and the rest of term 1) is a great chance for you to find out about all the different societies and clubs on campus. As execs, we want you to join us, so we’re putting on lots of events to help you get a feel for our society, what we do, and who we are. So go to these events. They might be online or running with limited capacity but they’ll still be a great opportunity for you to meet other people with similar interests to you.

I have a couple of tips for finding out about different societies. Firstly, make sure to look around the SU website at all the different socs and clubs on offer. Any club that’s registered with the SU will be on there so you can see them all at once. Next, follow any club you’re interested in on social media – this is where they’ll advertise all of their events and opportunities.

If you don’t have Facebook, I recommend getting it. I’m not trying to advertise facebook but a lot of university is planned on it so it’s a very useful platform to use. You don’t have to use it to post anything but you’ll be able to join groups (like the Warwick Uni SU Freshers group) and sign up to events!

And use this time to ask questions! If you want to know more about a society or club – just message them on social media or send them an email. They’ll be more than happy to help in any way that they can and you might just stumble on a new hobby that you continue for a long time to come!

Another thing that Welcome week is a great time for is meeting new people. Say hi to anyone you see on campus and start conversations! Everyone’s in the same boat and I’m sure most people you meet would love to chat and just have a bit of human interaction. The taster events and academic inductions are other places where you can get to know people so don’t let nerves get in the way – go to anything that even remotely interests you and talk to the people there!

Finally, use the rest of this week to find you feet. Moving away from home for the first time can be strange so don’t worry about needing some time to acclimatise. Use this time when you don’t have any commitments to create a routine, to learn how to cook a few basic meals, and to work out how to do all those little tasks that you never realised needed doing until there wasn’t someone doing them for you.

You can find part 2 here!

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