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So… why did I choose Warwick?

Alex Humfryes
Alex Humfryes | German and Business Studies Contact Alex

Hello everybody

With Warwick starting again in less than 2 months, I am becoming increasingly eager to get back to university and kick off my final year. As much as I enjoyed my year abroad, I definitely missed the Warwick-campus lifestyle and being with all my business/language course-mates. There are an array of things which only Warwick can offer you as a student, which form a major reason as to why I picked this uni in the first place. So, without further ado, here are the 3 main reasons which made me select Warwick as my firm university choice.

1. The campus

Initially, I was largely indifferent to studying at a city or campus university. I really liked the benefits of living within a big city, as well as all the benefits that come with living on a campus. It wasn’t until I went to my ‘Warwick offer holder day’ that this all changed. After receiving an extensive tour of the campus, and chatting to a current business/languages student there (who was also from my sixth form), I truly saw the unique appeal of Warwick campus and the wealth of perks it can offer you. Firstly, everything is all in one place: your mates, lectures, shopping, the SU etc. – you never have to travel far for anything. Secondly, it offers the right balance of work and play, with a vast selection of buildings ideal for studying e.g the library, learning grid, Uni house; and ideal for recreation e.g the SU, Rootes Building and the sports centre. In short – it offered everything I wanted from a university, and all in ONE place.

2. The wealth of societies

When it comes to societies, Warwick has it all. With over 250 societies running across campus, you truly are spoilt for choice. One thing I was especially passionate about before selecting a university was the quality of its business and languages societies, seeming as those were going to be my chosen subjects. Once again, because of my offer holder day (and knowing someone already at the uni), I swiftly found out that Warwick has particularly active business and language societies that host events almost every week! From tours, socials, language nights, careers talks, tournaments… you name it, they organise it. Since arriving at Warwick, I have experienced first-hand how great these socs are, and even become an executive member for both the Warwick German Society and Warwick Entrepreneurs Society!

3. The social life

With Warwick campus being practically in the middle of nowhere, I was naturally very conscious of its ‘social life scene’. However, after hearing about its infamous ‘pop Wednesday’ club nights, as well as the uni express service which takes students to and from clubs in the surrounding cities/towns, my fears were swiftly put to bed. To further add to this, Warwick now offers a dedicated freshers week, whereby no lectures run and you have the entire first week to settle straight into uni. I really wish I had this week on offer to me as well, but that didn’t stop me having a great freshers fortnight whilst I was there!

So that’s it, those were my top 3 factors which lead to me choosing Warwick as my firm university choice. Although it took me a term to completely settle into uni and find my feet at Warwick, I have never looked back once!

I’ll see you in my next blog guys, where I discuss my summer so far and what I’ve been up to.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Alex Humfryes
Alex Humfryes | German and Business Studies Contact Alex

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