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So how are we getting on 4/5 weeks into term?

Time just fly’s by doesn’t it!” So much to take in, finding your way around campus, your accommodation, meeting fellow students and of course reading and researching for your modules.

Is it too early to reflect on what you have achieved over these first few weeks? No it isn’t, be proud, as all the above are huge achievements.

Looking further forward to your essays/assignments I would like to share with you some helpful tips. You will know your timetable and when the deadlines are, so detailed below are supportive suggestions to help with your current and future studies –

–       Attend some study skills courses, critical writing, critical thinking, there are many more, and if you need to revisit these again please do and book them in for next term maybe.

–       Read the assignment question, ACTUALLY understand the question and ask for clarification if needs be.

–       Read around the subject and make notes and details of the references.

–       Ensure you have your 1-1 meetings with your tutor and ask for feedback.

–       Take time out to pursue new or existing hobbies and relax and plan your time.

–       Assess the well-being hub should you feel the need to. The hub is an excellent resource service and you won’t be the only one using their services.

Finally your studies are not a competition with other students, yes, we want to do well but we all have different learning styles and factors that affect our studies.


Keep up the great start.

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