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Shopping at Cannon Park: Comparing Aldi and Tesco

I took a trip down to Cannon Park this afternoon to do my food shop. In my first year, I noticed that they were building a new Aldi, and it’s now opened. Tesco and Aldi are pretty close together, so it’s easy enough to go from one to the other for different things. I ended up doing some of my shopping in both Tesco and Aldi today – there are pros and cons to both. My nearest Aldi back home is about 20 miles away, so I’ve never had the chance to compare the two before.

First off, fruit and veg. Aldi does their rotating deals, having six different items priced at 59p, and Tesco appears to do something similar – there’s always a few things on offer on the end of the aisle. Aldi’s a much smaller shop, so the selection is quite a bit more limited. One thing I noticed in particular was that Aldi seems to have a relatively small proportion of loose fruit and veg – bananas are all sold in bags, for example.

Next, onto meat. It seems to work out ever so slightly cheaper in Aldi for most things – I bought a shoulder of pork at £2.45 per kilo, whereas it’s £2.50 per kilo in Tesco. I couldn’t find anything to rival Tesco’s cooking bacon at £1.20 per kilo, though. Again, Aldi is a smaller shop, so the selection reflects that.

Bakery-wise, Aldi seems to have a nicer selection than Tesco for the more unusual baked goods. I didn’t really need anything fancy though – I ended up buying a reduced packet of bagels from Tesco.

They’ve also got good prices on canned goods in Aldi – I use a lot of red kidney beans when I’m cooking, and it’s 25p for the same size can that’s 30p in Tesco. Chopped tomatoes were also a very good deal, as were tinned peas. I couldn’t find any tinned carrots, though – I end up using them sometimes when making casseroles.

As for the homewares section, I saw quite a lot of things in Aldi that seemed useful for students. They’ve got a big selection of stuff in at the moment that’s perfect for students moving in – from duvet covers to spatulas, and everything in between. They’ve also got some very colourful cookware at a reasonable price, which could be handy for identifying what’s yours.

One thing that Aldi does seem to have more than Tesco is electrical items. I ended up buying a slow cooker from Aldi the other day at £12.99 (compared to Tesco’s £18.99, if memory serves) – I make a lot of casseroles and such, so I’ve been meaning to get one for quite a long time. They’ve also got an assortment of kettles, toasters and so on – once all of my flatmates arrive, we’ll have to figure out whether we’re buying any for the house.

I didn’t really look at the freezer section in Aldi too seriously – our freezer’s having a tantrum at the moment, so we’re waiting for someone to fix it. I’ll probably look at it properly in the future.

Owing to the size and newness of the store, Aldi doesn’t appear to have a reduced section as of yet. Quite a lot of the shopping I do in Tesco is based around the reduced section – if you get lucky and go at the right time, you can get a lot of fresh foods for a fraction of the price you’d normally pay. So, while Aldi has a cheaper standard price on most things, you can occasionally get things significantly cheaper at Tesco.

It’ll be interesting to see how busy Aldi gets during termtime – it’s ever so slightly further away from campus, but I think that a lot of people will prefer it for the price.

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