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Settling In and Making Friends at Uni for Quiet Folks

I’m not the most outgoing person. I don’t drink, I’ve never been clubbing, and I’m rather happy to be the quiet one in a conversation – until I get to know the other people, at least. Before I got to university, I was really worried that these things would mean that I would be lonely for the next three years. You’ll be glad to hear that that isn’t the case – I’ve got a strong group of friends and a pretty wide circle of acquaintances. Here are a few of the things I did which helped me to be comfortable and to make friends at uni.

Choosing Quiet Accommodation

There’s often a belief that your best friend has to be the first person you meet on arrivals weekend, who just so happens to be in the room opposite yours. That just isn’t very me – I liked that my halls in first year were very quiet, so I could go home after a long day and recharge my batteries, without feeling pressure to be really sociable with my flatmates. Sure, we got on fine – but we weren’t best mates who spent every free minute together, and that was perfect for us.

Joining Societies and Clubs

There are over 250 societies and 65 sports clubs at Warwick – full lists are available on the Student’s Union website. There are so many different groups that you can be involved with that you’re bound to find something you enjoy – and the provision for non-drinkers is improving all the time thanks to some recent SU campaigning. Societies and clubs are very accepting of beginners, so even if the society you’re interested in is for something you’ve never done before, you’ll be in good company! I had always enjoyed watching University Challenge, and wanted to improve my general knowledge, so I joined the Quiz Society – two years later, I’m the president and a lot of my social circle have been on UC!

Getting a Student Job

I initially got student jobs for the money – having a little bit of extra cash is always nice! There are plenty of roles available too – from serving coffee in Curiositea (the SU teashop) to helping on open days, and from student blogging to catering at conferences, so there are jobs for plenty of skillsets. One unexpected bonus is working with a wide variety of people allows you to practice your small talk skills during quiet periods, and who knows? You might just make a lifelong friend!

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