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Settling back to Warwick after studying abroad

Hi everyone,

Amongst the many benefits of studying abroad, there is a slight disadvantage in that when you come back, you will be placed with a different cohort and most of your friends will have graduated. Honestly, though, this transition has been a lot easier than I had anticipated. Not knowing many people has forced me to engage in other societies or find other ways of meeting people, or even just simply forcing me to rethink where my priorities are, especially considering this is my final year and I want to make the most of it. As a result, despite the intensity of the final year, I am definitely enjoying it a lot more.

I am currently living in Tocil with a mixture of other students who have come back from studying abroad and finalist students who opted to live on campus after their second year. We had a flat dinner at Varsity and an early Christmas meal this week since not all of us will be around during the final week. Being placed with other finalists has definitely been positive because it has been a quick way to meet other students who are in the exact same position as I am.

*Shout out to flat 11*

In terms of studies: the final year is hectic. Despite this, I do feel a little more confident having experienced 3 years of university already. I am a lot more aware of my best learning methods for exams and essay writing strategies. Every single year before university I have been anxious about how intense the next academic year will be. “How difficult is first-year” “Is the second year harder than the first year” “Is studying abroad difficult” “Will I struggle in my final year” are all common Google searches of mine. If you are reading this going into your final year: don’t stress. Your tutors are well aware of how crazy the year can be and will do everything they possibly can to make your life that little bit easier.

With the right time management, I have also set time aside for societies and other work within the PAIS department. I was elected as course rep again this year and was successful in my application for a Research Assistant role where I am currently working with one of the academic staff on their research projects. I try to attend a mixture of society events throughout the week rather than being 100% dedicated to one. I like the variety and flexibility to attend whatever looks interesting.

All in all, I am enjoying my final year so much and definitely not looking forward to graduating and attending the real world…

*Shout out to the Monash students who are doing an exchange at Warwick*

Shanita 🙂 xo

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