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Settling back into university after the summer break

My busy Week 2 has now come to an end and I am now feeling settled back into university life, with summer feeling a lifetime ago! It’s been great catching up with friends, going back to societies, performing in the concert with the orchestras, learning new course content, and going on a field trip. Over summer I had a job in which my shifts were inconsistent: sometimes I would be working until 3pm whereas other days until 12.30am. I am appreciating having a routine again, as well as structured days.

 At times, it can be difficult moving back to uni, especially when the university breaks are so long. I have moved back into the same house as last year which has certainly made the return 100x easier. It was reassuring and welcoming when I returned to familiar surroundings and I soon decorated my room in the same way as last year. I am now feeling fully adjusted to being independent, and I have now got back into the swing of shopping and cooking for myself once again (although portioning for myself rather than my whole family initially proved rather difficult!)

 So for this blog, I’ll give you some advice on how to make transition back into university life, or starting university life, as smooth as possible.

 -Spend time with your flatmates/housemates, whether you’re living in halls or off-campus. When I was in Arthur Vick, we had a selection of board games to play, went to the kitchen for pre-drinks and on weekends we’d make an effort to have a meal together. Feeling part of a group can really help beat homesickness.

 -As tempting as it sometimes is to just stay in your room, take up lots of opportunities to go out and join others, whether it’s a night out, coffee trip or just to Tesco. You don’t want to end up regretting not joining others. Times like this are often great chances to meet new people, such as friends of friends.

 -Stay organised. If you feel overwhelmed with work, or maybe lots of errands, try and write a list and tick off once you’ve completed them. Feeling like you have things under control can really help. From tasks like writing lecture notes, assignments, or just simple tasks like grocery shopping or going to the bank, all together it can sometimes feel like a lot to do.

-Try out new societies/events, even if you may not be 100% sure that you’ll stick with it. Try and get a friend to come along as this will give you more confidence (and also stop you changing your mind about going last minute!). I went to a cooking class last week with my friend and we both really enjoyed it and met some new people, all who share our love of cooking. I plan to try out some new aerobics classes coming up soon.

 -Explore the area. I often think of this as a chance for some “me time” where I can just wander around, wrapped in my own thoughts. I like to walk to the War Memorial Park in Earlsdon, Coventry centre, or just to the High Street.

 -Another way of helping me to settle is phoning my family and friends. Just knowing that they are there if I need them and hearing what they’ve been up to really makes a difference.

I hope this will be useful for when you start for the first time or are returning back to uni. Just remember that a lot of people will be feeling the same way. Until next time J

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