Officially, I am now halfway through the term, the year and my degree course. Time has flown by because it has been the most enjoyable experience, which made me realise that I made the right choice in deciding to come to the University of Warwick. How did I even make this choice in the first place? The Experience Warwick Summer School!

Over the summer, the University of Warwick opens to school students that were successful in their application to come and experience university life. Through coming and living on campus, they are extensively involved in activities and getting the opportunity to learn more about university.

The summer school can range from a few days to a whole week, but the effect is lasting!

Personally, the best part was escaping the school bubble and having the first real opportunity to meet new people with similar backgrounds that have travelled from across the country. Through exploring different spaces on campus and completing projects, we all became close friends in the space of just a few days. This happened because everything was running smoothly- thanks to the ambassadors! The simple role of the ambassadors is supporting the operations aspect of the summer school. This varies from running events to supporting students with tasks and navigation around campus. Usually, ambassadors lead informal socials, such as relaxed evenings with in-flat games after dinner.

The role is more than just setting up activities- it’s about inspiring the next cohort of students.

I was afraid of rock-climbing and the ambassadors encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace the challenge. They cheered me on from below- one of them even climbed up alongside me! I managed to climb to the top because they boosted my confidence.

Usually, the participating students, often from disadvantaged backgrounds, require support regarding school/university matters, where the ambassadors are usually on-hand to share their insights. This ranges from finding out more about different courses, personal statement advice and general A-Level revision tips.

Overall, the ambassadors have as much fun as school students. To celebrate the end of the Summer School, there was a formal-attire party at the Chancellor’s Suite. It was one of the ambassador’s birthday and they said that they wouldn’t want to be “anywhere else”. After all, there was a DJ and a lot of food, which made the evening unforgettable. Even still, ambassadors aren’t isolated. There are several people supporting the summer school and it’s a great opportunity to meet new people from the University of Warwick too.

It’s a rewarding experience for ambassadors because you just never know who you will inspire and what memories you will create!

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