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Secret Study Spaces

Term 3 has rolled around, exam timetable is out and everyone is extremely stressed (or not, if you’re that kind of person). This can only mean one thing… the hunt for the perfect place to revise is on!

It’s the 50th Annual Study Space Games, and you have unvoluntarily volunteered. You slept through your 7am alarm, ended up on campus at midday, and every square inch of the library, even the postgraduate lair, is rammed with books, coloured pens and people scrolling through their news feed (‘on a break’). What do you do now?

Don’t fret! We may have just the one library, and the study space ship is undergoing construction, however there are options for you…

University house: make the trek, it will (probably) pay off.

Ramphal building: has a balcony with roughly 15 desks with sockets, rarely used. Also, if there’s a free room, why not use it?

Library Computer Rooms: there’s a door next to the outdoor library cafe door which leads to two computer suites, perfect for a bit essaying. It’s also a silent work space from 12am until 8am, if those are your hours.

Your bedroom: Can’t work at home? It’s all in your head. Shut your door, blast the tunes and, if necessary, switch off your internet. I’m looking at your freshers, make the most of your personal space on campus whilst you can!

Department common rooms: Maths, Physics, Engineering and Chemistry have their own work rooms, open unfortunately only for students of those disciplines. If you can use them, do!

Book a humanities room: This year you can book and use many humanities rooms for private study using the Warwick Room Booking Service. Be aware that you can only book a room on the day that you want to use it.

Costa: Quite a nice cosy atmosphere with a bit of background noise. Have to buy yourself a piece of cake to use it, but hey, gotta make some sacrifices right?

SU Atrium: Lacking in sockets and can get a bit cold but lots of tables and chairs around for public use.

Hope this helps your search,

Have a good study! xxx

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