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Second Year – Tick!

Yesterday saw the completion of my second year exams and I couldn’t be happier! Like everyone else I had exams aplenty, including eight in the last seven days, which amazingly I got through with fewer tears than I anticipated. Although exam season has been stressful and tiring my second year at university is now complete! I still feel like a fresh-faced, keen-bean fresher, so it’s pretty incredible to think about how much I have accomplished and developed as a person these last couple of years.

This year has been tough academically, since the amount of content in lectures has seemed a lot greater than last year. At times my brain has been so full of quantum physics and the qualitative description of ordinary differential equations I felt like it was going to pop! However, I have learnt so much; from building on previous knowledge to understand concepts like statistical physics in greater depth, to new techniques like variational principles (for those who are interested this is to do with optimising a functional to find the shortest path/ quickest time of a problem.) It has become clearer to me which parts of maths and physics I find the most interesting – fluid dynamics and partial differential equations are my jam – and I feel, slowly but surely, I am becoming a good mathematical physicist.

Aside from my course, I have had some amazing experiences this year. My highlights include Pizazz, which was undoubtedly the best thing I have ever accomplished, and teaching beginners tap has been fabulous! Starting judo was something else very much out of my comfort zone but I hope to carry on with it next year.

Now that exams are finished, I’m looking forward to a bit of rest and relaxation, and I was delighted to see this morning that summer seems to have properly arrived! Leamington has been looking glorious, particularly today. This weekend is the Leamington Peace Festival, so there are lots of stalls and food tents on the park next to the Pump Rooms, and musicians have been playing at a couple of stages around that area. The atmosphere around the festival this afternoon was amazing to see, with the whole community coming together to celebrate and enjoy the beautiful weather. Being able to experience part of the festival was a great way to start my post-exams summer time!

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