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Second Year Modules

This year, I’ve been able to choose the vast majority of my modules. Picking them was by no means an easy task…I had a few compulsory modules, including ‘Global Integrative Project’, ‘Governance, Politics and Corporate Accountability’ and ‘Global Environment of Business’. The other 7 modules for the year are up for grabs (but I have to do ‘Economics of Strategy’ either this year or next).

I chose a mixture of modules, some because I find that subject area really interesting, others because I thought they’d be helpful in my career. For the record – these are the modules I’m taking this year:

IB1130 Business Law 1

IB2550 Entrepreneurship and New Businesses

IB2350 Finance 1: Financial Markets

IB2490 Global Environment of Business (compulsory)

IB2500 Global Integrative Project (compulsory)

IB2480 Governance, Politics and Corporate Accountability (compulsory)

IB2090 Marketing

IB3820 Project Management

IB3840 Supply Chain Management

My favourite so far has to be business law, it’s been very well taught and I find it very interesting. Having said that, I have a law test coming up so we’ll see if my opinion changes then…

I’m useless at finance. I chose the module because I thought it’d be useful moving forwards, which it undoubtably will be, but sadly that doesn’t change the fact that I’m dreadful at it. I can see myself spending a lot of time over Easter working on this one.

Supply chain management was really interesting. I say was because the module was taught in first term, and the exam was in January, so I’m all done with the module now (although still awaiting my mark). There are so many interesting case studies within this module, and it’s certainly made me think more about the supply chain within my own business.

Similarly, project management was useful, it shows how to take a methodical approach to tacking both large and small projects in order to achieve a desired outcome.

Marketing is a double module (worth 24 CATS instead of the normal 12) and is taught across both terms. I’ve found parts of this module really interesting, especially when looking at companies and seeing the obvious marketing strategies they’ve employed which I’d never considered before.

Finally, entrepreneurship is largely case study based. The module introduces frameworks and then apples them to companies, giving a real world perspective to the content covered.

Overall, I’m happy with my module choices for this year. I’ll certainly be looking to continue my law studies beyond this year. Hopefully all comes good next term… Exams are coming…

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