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Second Year Housing: A comprehensive guide- Part 2


When visiting potential houses I would recommend trying to visit more than once so you really get a feel for the area and see the house when it is messy and when it is clean as this can drastically change your opinion. Definitely try to talk to the current tenants (preferably without the landlord/estate agents there) and get them to give you the real story as this will be valuable insight and stop any horrible surprises. It is also best to have a checklist of requirements before you head straight in to ask about, for example:

  •  Rent requirements.
  •  Double beds.
  •  Ensuites/ Multiple bathrooms.
  •  Close to a bus stop.
  •  Damp in any of the rooms.
  •  How hot and cold the rooms are.
  •  How responsive the landlord/lady is in dealing with issues.

Something a lot of people don’t consider and that I have found from personal experience is how close together all the bedrooms are. In halls you are pretty much forced to be social because you can’t walk past the kitchen without bumping into half your flatmates, but the shape of your second year house can really determine how much you interact. If you end up not getting along with your housemates too well, a tall house with multiple kitchens could be advantageous, but whilst a small house with small rooms may not seem preferable at the moment, I have found that these are far more social as you can’t turn over in bed without someone else knowing about it!

Good prices are in the range of £80-90 a week and is generally speaking better-priced than campus accommodation (even though bills aren’t included), so if you are going much higher then consider if you are getting a good deal. If you are considering Station House by Kelsey’s it is nice that the bills and everything are conveniently lumbered together for you to pay, however there is a reason that it is seen as the Bluebell of Leamington and that is because it is pretty extortionately priced. Lovely place though! Moreover, there is no real pressure to get a house through an agent, as it can be more convenient and safer, but you may find that there are some additional costs any issues get dealt with slower. My final tip is before you sign your name, make sure you have read the contract and understand it all. There isn’t as much of a rush as you think so you can get a parent to read through it too just to make sure you aren’t being scammed.

If you end up in a bit of a poohole, 15 minutes from the Church and with a broken-up couple, I really am sorry, but you will be surprised what you can get used to! And hey, you’ll know for next year 😉 Try not to rush into a house that doesn’t meet basic requirements because of fear you won’t get to stay with your friends, keep in mind there is lots of accommodation available throughout the year, and some aren’t even made available until Term 2. If you need any more information, Warwick Accommodation are based in Senate House and can offer a lot of help- they are very aware that it is a daunting task to be handed so early on!

Good luck!

Fiona xxx

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