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Second Year House: Thoughts So Far

I’ve been living in my new home for a little over a week now. So far, I’m loving it – compared to living on-campus, there’s an awful lot of space and it feels much more homely. We’ve got proper sofas, a massive kitchen, and even a garden – I’ll have to take some photos for the blog at some point.

My house is managed by Warwick Accommodation, so that means that a lot of things are actually pretty similar to living on-campus. We don’t pay a deposit, and our contract is only for 42 weeks, so we won’t be paying for next summer. We’ve also got an online fault-reporting system, similar to last year, so that’s quite convenient when things don’t go to plan. I’ve reported a couple of faults already – our freezer doesn’t seem to get cold since I turned it on, and one of the desks in my room is slightly damaged. Our property manager came to have a look at both of them, and was very helpful in answering my questions.

In the house, once everyone has arrived, we’ll have six people including me. Five of us were in the same flat in Whitefields last year, and one was in Bluebell. We’ve got two bathrooms upstairs – one’s pretty big, and the other one is pretty small. I’ve already bought a bathmat for one of the bathrooms, so that’s keeping the floor dry, and I’ve got a doormat for our internal door – at first, there was a lot of dirt getting into the main house, but that doormat’s kept everything a bit cleaner. I’ve also set up the broadband since being here – it took less than a week from making the order to having internet access (although the router only arrived today – we’re using the one left behind by the previous tennants and keeping the new one for spare).

Being off-campus, it’s further out than I’m used to. While I couldwalk it (it takes around 40 minutes), one of the things I missed while living on campus was having the freedom of a bus pass, so I’ll mostly be commuting by bus. I ended up getting the National Express bus pass on a Swift card.

Another difference from being on-campus is actually being in a regular community, where we have bin days (figured out that it’s a Tuesday by copying everyone else) and non-student neighbours (one of whom I met while taking the bins out). I’ve even seen cats and people walking dogs – doesn’t happen very often on campus! As far as I can tell, we’re the only student house on the street, surrounded by families, and it seems a nice enough place to live.

So far, my house seems great – I’ve tested most things out now, but in the event that anything doesn’t work, I’m pretty confident in the fault-reporting system. I’m really looking forward to living here for the next few months, and bring on second year!

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