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Second year, first term: how was it?

My course is great, as always, except a tiny concern mentioned later on in the post. Otherwise, here I begin…

I did a presentation as part of my key skills module. I am super bad at public speaking and for this assessed task, I was presenting in front of a large audience of six people. I used some of my learning from Sprint, went over my notes and feedback I had received from my Sprint home-group and made sure I really practised what I was going to say and pulled off a 2:1. I did screw up as in I had a penalty for finishing too early but I couldn’t help speaking at the speed of lightening because I just wanted to sit back down again. I definitely enjoyed presenting though because I did my presentation on my passion for writing and where I thought people might find it lame to see that I write poetry and blogs, I actually received such positive reactions and had two people asking me questions in the end!

Nicely, my first point leads me onto my second which is yes, I completed the Sprint programme! It has greatly helped me with self-awareness and understanding my values and strengths and weaknesses and lots more! It was such a wonderful learning experience and I cannot recommend it enough to women. If you have any questions, I am happy to write an essay for you in terms of how it is helpful.

I got myself a new journal. The inspiration for this came partly from Sprint and partly from The Boar. Sprint mentioned how we should learn to manage our feelings and I began to think about how I didn’t always enjoy sharing stuff on my personal blog but I also find that I have to write in order to be able to think and get rid of all the things that occupy my mind and make me overthink. So, I deleted my blog. Naturally, I was beginning to have withdrawal symptoms because I wanted to write but then I came across this article and resolved to buy a Journal. So I went to the Warwick Bookshop and invested in a journal with plain pages. I wanted to write freely and have no constraints. Initially it was difficult because I was very much accustomed to blogging and publishing and so on but I can say that I am now fully into writing a journal and can see that I am slowly opening up even more and write things down with the peace of mind that no one is going to read it. Even my handwriting differs with different entries and I can see how it reflects my mood. It is so much fun to go back and read at the worries of one day and then how things worked out the next day!

Postlabs have been so difficult this term. If you’re a regular reader, you’d know that I had resolved to improve on my lab performance this year but it so hasn’t worked out. I have spoken to a few other people and it seems like they are just harder this year. Many of my friends are also struggling but I have to do something. Hopefully, next term will show some improvement after all the damage of first term. I can see that I receive feedback and know where I go wrong but it seems more like a layout thing in my case: I just need to start labelling my answers and reading the questions properly.

I have seen the improvement in my Bhangra performances. I can so feel it and have had the exec (well, one person) say to me how much I have improved! I would add links to some Facebook videos but one thing that cannot be denied is that I am only good as long as the camera is not on. As soon as they bring the camera in, I screw up completely and also I think I just get tired by the time we reach the end of the class and they decide to record so naturally can’t do anything. Nevertheless, I am convinced that I have improved and apparently I asked a good question once in class so I’m very happy.

I am continuing to write for The Boar. I was worried that during term time, I might struggle to write alongside managing my work but this has so not been the case. I have been continuing to write and am so proud of everything I have written so far (a big shoutout to the editors who make this possible!) that you can read here.

Again, if you’ve read my previous blogs, you might know that I am seeking a placement for next year. This is so competitive and I have received a good number of rejections already. I just struggle with almost everything in life but next term hopefully I’ll get involved with the careers team more and see how I can improve. I have a mentor from the Social Mobility Foundation as well as my Sprint mentor who has been very helpful. With my SMF mentor, I have been working on CVs / cover letters and my Sprint mentor has greatly helped me with self-awareness and understanding the worth of my skills and experiences. But they can’t do everything for me and with the current progress, I can only hope for the best.

The highlight of the term for me has got to be Sprint and Bhangra! Two things I cannot recommend enough.

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