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Second Year at Warwick Law School

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Just over a year ago, I did a blog post to review my first year at Warwick. I love consistency so I’m gonna do a second year post!

Academic Side

Second year was obviously more scary than first year in terms of academics, since the results of this year make up 50% of my overall degree grade. Nevertheless, I enjoyed studying most of my modules & was so happy to receive a 1st in my exams! Here’s my thoughts on the second-year modules that I had to do (core) and that I chose (optional).

Constitutional & Administrative Law (ConAd) – a core module that I thought I was going to hate, but genuinely loved! I found it really interesting to learn about the UK Constitution and the inner workings of Parliament, the House of Lords etc. I also really enjoyed learning about the judicial review process and how we can (to a certain extent) hold government accountable for their actions. I didn’t do as well in this module as I would have hoped considering how much I enjoyed it, but overall I would give ConAd an 8/10 (many of those points coming from George who is the best seminar tutor ever!)

Contract Law – I was absolutely dreading contract law, complained to my friends throughout both of the terms, yet it ended up being my highest exam grade… I don’t get it either. I personally don’t find contracts and businesses and all that stuff interesting so I wasn’t a huge fan of the module but I will say that I genuinely feel like I have a better understanding of contracts and have been able to apply that to understanding my employment contract for my new job and my tenancy agreement for my accomodation, so not entirely useless! Overall, I would give Contract Law a 6/10 because it just isn’t my field of interest!

European Law – I found EU law very very confusing at times. It was somewhat interesting to learn about the different institutions and the history of the EU, but trying to understand some of the cases and how they impact the law in England and Wales was very confusing! I did enjoy the essay though so solid 6/10!

Writing Human Rights – loved this optional module so so much! We read loads of different materials and I learned about some human rights injustices that I had never even heard of. We revisited the death of Baha Mousa which we had covered in MELS in first year so that was really interesting! I wrote a final piece and a reflective journal, both of which were very fun to write, and was super happy to receive a 1st! Would rate this a 9/10 for sure.

Medicine & Law – favourite module of all time! Cannot recommend Medicine & Law enough, it is absolutely fascinating to learn (and debate) about the law surrounding abortion, organ donation, euthanasia, and consent. We had some great discussions, the lecturers and seminar tutors were all absolutely amazing, and I loved the whole module – 10/10

Criminal Evidence – I also really enjoyed Criminal Evidence which was another optional module that I took. I learnt so much about the criminal justice process that I had no real knowledge of & now that I’ve started the Freedom Law Clinic Pro Bono Programme, I can see just how useful this knowledge is! Highly recommend to anyone who is interested in Criminal Law or honestly the Bar in general – 9/10

Social Side

Year 2 was not very social at all (thanks COVID) but here’s the best bits and worst bits anyways!

Best Bits

  • free time – since everything was online, I was able to choose where I studied. As a result, when the COVID restrictions allowed, I went to stay with my boyfriend for a month or so at a time which is so so lovely since we are long-distance most of the time!
  • opening up – although the restrictions have obviously been awful, when things finally did open up after so long, it was a great feeling! That first trip out to Nandos, the first night at Spoons, the first staycation in London – it was all so much more exciting
  • working – this sounds depressing I know, but I love my jobs! Writing blogs, supporting online Study Happy events, and running 10+ social media accounts has been so much fun & a great way to make money while studying!
  • exams
  • legal experiences – I’ve been so so lucky to participate in so many legal experiences this year! I’ve done a mini-pupillage (& have another scheduled!), I’ve been to online workshops, I’ve done Civil & Commercial Mediation Training (kindly funded by Warwick Law School!), I’ve signed up to Advocacy Club and practiced mooting, and even more!

Worst Bits

  • COVID-19 – enough said.
  • friends – I haven’t been able to see my friends much this year which has been so sad obviously 🙁 looking forward to next year & hopefully more nights out!
  • studio flat – living in a studio flat seemed like a great idea until we got put into lockdowns and I wasn’t able to see my friends or use the common areas… ouch. It’s okay though, got a shared flat for next year!

This year was absolutely nothing like I expected but it was also fun and successful, so can’t complain too much! Bring on my final year!

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Anything to do with law, specifically the route to the…
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