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Second Year Apprehension

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So, this marks a week of me being back within reach of campus. I’ve moved into my new house, gone on an honorary night out in Leamington, and gotten my bearings by taking trips into town and buying ‘essentials’ (come on, a little tray so I can drink tea in bed was completely necessary!). Now the prospect of starting second year looms, with my first appearance back on campus scheduled for tomorrow, and surprisingly I’m not feeling as comfortable with that as I was expecting.


I’ve heard mixed reviews of second year. For some it sounded much easier than first year, being that they had already secured coursemates and laid down a good social network and knowledge of the university. For others, the pressure mounted, and they found it difficult to keep up with the workload.


It’s this thought that has been bugging me over the last few days. I’ve had the beginnings of a timetable through, and with half my contact hours all in one day it seems like it will be hard for me to concentrate on so much at once. The fact that this year actually counts is also something I have been preoccupied with.


Don’t get me wrong; my course is great. I love how diverse it can be, with history, languages and literature all muddled into one. However, as a natural born worry-guts, I can’t help but wonder whether I’m good enough to balance all of this out, as well as prepare for a year abroad and keep up a healthy social life.


Apparently this is quite a common thought process among students, as I have discovered in the many articles online discussing ‘second year blues’. It appears to me that this year will be a great test of my skills as a multi-tasker, as well as of my determination.


However, it is important to remember that I am not the only person having these thoughts. There are thousands of second years at Warwick, and it’s virtually guaranteed that a fair few of them will be feeling the same way.


The other important thought I need to ingrain in myself is that I deserve to be here. My grades on the whole were pretty good last year, and despite a panicked email to my personal tutor after my Latin exam, it turned out to be the best grade I got. This is just one example of the lack of faith I often have in myself, and proof that this is definitely something I need to work on this year.


I’m almost certain there will be a few tears in second year, however I know that my department are excellent at dealing with students under pressure, that my friends are helpful and supportive, and that I have the resilience to do well and enjoy myself. It is with this thought that I will power through this inevitably stressful week of inductions and introductions, and come out of it feeling confident in my abilities.




Rebecca Preedy | Ancient History and Classical Archaeology with Study in Europe Contact Rebecca

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