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Second Year: A Summary

Hi everyone,

Now that the academic year has drawn to a close, I thought I would briefly summarise my second year at Warwick.

I lived in a nice terrace house with 3 others in Earlsdon, a suburb of Coventry, which is just a short bus journey from campus. The High Street has all I need, including a green grocers, coffee shops that are perfect for catch-ups with friends, a Discount Store that sold almost anything you could think of, and bars & restaurants. Living in a house was much more peaceful as opposed to corridor style living in halls (although I did sometimes have to put up with drilling and hammering due to next door’s re-decorating!). On the other hand, I did miss being able to go into the shared kitchen and almost always find someone else in there to chat to.

I found the content of my studies very interesting, especially as they often included current research. The modules became more specialised for each degree course compared to last year where there were more shared modules in order to give us all a broad foundation. My favourite modules this year were Genetics, which is core for Biological Sciences, and Cell Biology, which is taken by all Life Sciences students. This year’s teaching has given me such a wide range of knowledge: from life at hydrothermal vents deep in the ocean; to the roles of mutations in genes leading to cancer; and to genetic techniques used to identify risks of getting a genetic disease. The year has also confirmed to me that I would like to try to pursue a career in a Life Sciences field, however not in a lab-based role- but that’s not to say I don’t enjoy lab classes!

Throughout the year, I believe that I maintained a good balance between work and socialising. I really liked having society events, rehearsals and various commitments scheduled into my weeks. I was involved in Wind Orchestra and Flute Choir and would go to rehearsals and perform in concerts. I sometimes attended a cooking class run by the Good Food Society, in February I went to the Biology Ball, I would often attend Aerobics classes, I regularly went swimming with a friend and I also would take time to watch films with my housemates and go out for drinks/meals with friends.

Second year was a busy one overall and I am definitely looking forward to a long break, which will be a combination of seeing friends & family, exploring new places in the UK and abroad, and earning money in my summer job. It has been a very busy academic year, with lots of society and social events, lectures, essays and lab reports, but on the whole I really enjoyed it! I am so pleased with my results and am relieved that all the work has paid off! Until next time!

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