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Scared to return to Uni? So am I.

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My last blogpost was centred around moving to university as a fresher, the excitement linked to a new start and living alone for the first time. This blogpost instead is going to be a bit more personal, and aimed at whomever might be feeling scared to return to university after the summer break. I’m not going to lie, my feelings on coming back to Warwick are ambivalent: I’m elated at the thought of seeing my friends again after months of distance, but I’m also quite worried about my final academic year. This blogpost will be dedicated to explain my feelings towards my return to Uni, but more importantly on how I plan to ensure that my anxiety does not ruin my final year of student life!


I’ll be quite frank: my second year exam grades were not as good as I hoped they would be. It took me a while to come to terms with what I regarded as an academic failure, and I’m not completely sure I’ve completely succeeded. This partly explains the feelings of dread I get every time I think about taking the plane that will bring me to Birmingham. This year will be the last chance I have to amend my grades and graduate with a grade I’m truly happy about. So, I’ll work hard, put in the hours and truly make an effort.


To ensure that all this doesn’t get too much I’ll have to think carefully on how to build the right setting for me to live and study in. I plan to make my room as welcoming as homely as possible so as to provide a protected environment in which to relax and de-stress in. The next step is to find the right study spaces on campus: for me this means a spot near a window in a secluded part of campus. I’ve found University House really helps my focus, and its position forces me to walk to get to the bus stop, ensuring I sneak in some fresh air during the day.


Having said this, there is no perfect formula that will guarantee you the grade you want. You obviously have to study and prepare for your assignments and exams, but ultimately you’ll receive a grade and whether you like it or not you’ll have to accept it. So another thing I’m learning is how to work around my feelings disappointment and transform them into motivation for the year ahead. I confess I’ve not really mastered the trick yet but I’m trying! One thing I notice helps (me at least) is to regard every experience as an occasion to learn more about yourself, your work and how to move on constructively. I feel 70 only re-reading that but, alas, I am 70 at heart.


This blogpost might seem a rambling pot of dread directed at University, but its aim is actually quite the contrary. First of all, I wanted to reassure anyone feeling the same way today that there are other people experiencing the same things. I hope this might help you. Secondly, this blogpost is my attempt to reclaim from my anxiety a year full of potential fun, good moments and successes. I’ve genuinely loved my two years at Warwick, and though they have been tough I don’t want to preclude myself from having a good time this year as well. Here’s to reclaiming your experiences from fear and learning to accept our shortcomings, cheers to another great year!

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