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Saying Goodbye and Looking Forward

As of 11:30 this morning, I have officially written my last exam and finished my first year!! So excuse this rather rambling post, however, I’m currently feeling rather emotional. My first year has gone so quickly, and I don’t think the following years will go any slower. Even though term doesn’t officially finish until the 1st July, I have decided to leave a bit earlier, to enjoy some quality time with my family before my year abroad next year…. which rudely starts on the 16th July, thanks to Colombian timetabling!

Whilst this term has been stressful, with deadlines and exams seemingly every week, in some ways, I have really enjoyed it. Of course, with it being the final term before I leave, I did enjoy celebrating a lot with my flat, taking advantage of how any situation could be the last time I do it for a year.


The last time Flat 132 takes Karaoke, for this year at least… complete with another photoshoot on the table tennis table outside the business school…


With all the stress of revision and exams, it’s important to take time away from a desk to have fun, and thanks to Karaoke, and a certain song competition, term 3 has been really exciting.

Yes, even though it was raining, thanks to Warwick’s plentiful international population, the support for the Eurovision Song Contest was heavy. Warwick screened it live, on the piazza, so armed with raincoats, tea, and blankets, it seems like hundreds of us gathered to watch until the final result.


Despite shivering from being cold and wet, we had a lot of fun, even if who we were supporting (Germany and Sweden) did not win 🙁

However, this is my last day at Warwick for a year, and as I pack my bags and say goodbye to the friends I have made this year, I am both sad and excited for the future. Deciding to swan off abroad for a year was not easy, and even though I am terrified at the prospect of landing in South America, without knowing anyone and having to actually function in Spanish, I do think this year has prepared me. Whilst Warwick is a campus, with everything you need, in some ways I think it is the perfect midpoint between school and full-on adulthood. Having to actually live away from my parents, do my own laundry and cook dinner every night has made me more confident at adulting, well, at least more than my flatmate who has yet to do any laundry!!


Final Gosling update! These kids grow up so fast…

When you start university, you will be told repeatedly that it is the perfect place to try new things, whether that be a society, sport, friendship, or module choice. Regardless of how you do it, I do really believe that the more you put in to university, the more you get out of it. For instance, I truly thought I would not be dancing at university, until Pizazz 2018 saw me perform with Intermediate Tap. Therefore, I would say to anyone scared by any prospect of university, is to just accept that your university experience will be like no one elses, it will not be like Fresh Meat, so just do what makes you happy and *lifestyle coach voice* grow as a person.

I don’t tend to become attached to places, and I really did not expect to like Warwick as much as I have (perhaps, in some really British way, I kind of wanted to hate it just so I could complain!) Therefore, in some ways, I am really happy that I will probably cry tomorrow, when I have to say goodbye to Warwick. Likewise, I never expected to make such lovely friends.


The final photo of Flat 132

Goodbye Warwick! I’ll see you in October 2019…

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