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Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here!

Yesterday, people gathered around the world and across the UK, to unite and stand for the movement, "No Ban, No Wall". Warwick was no exception. From 2-3pm yesterday, students, staff as well as societies joined in the movement in the Piazza in Central Campus and the turn out was amazing! During the hour, there were many different speakers who gave very powerful and passionate speeches against the hate and bigotry Trump has been advocating over the past few days.

I personally have been horrified at what has been happening the world over the past few days ever since Trump’s inauguration and of course, joined this demonstration, encouraging anyone else to join me as well. I actually went as part of a society. I’ve just recently become part of the exec and started volunteering with them and so far, I’m really enjoying it! Our president was one of the speakers as well, and I loved her speech in particular (I swear I’m not biased here). Ever since the refugee crisis started to emerge, I’ve always been interested and kept up to date with the developments, and it truly does sadden me that as time goes by, things are not getting better but worse and worse.

As I was living in Egypt during the Arab Spring and experienced the revolution and waves of protests that have taken place in my own country over the past few years, it was interesting to experience one here at university. The atmosphere was definitely different and I’d have to say the ones in Egypt are a lot louder (and last much much longer), but in my opinion, a protest, big or small, is still significant either way in what the people are standing for and voicing their opinions about. One of the posters from yesterday, which I don’t have a photo of, reminded people that staying neutral in times of injustice is choosing the side of the oppressor, and I completely agree. Try and get involved as much as you can and stand against Trump and anyone who advocates similar views of hate. Sometimes, you just cannot be neutral.

I’ve included some photos below from yesterday of the demonstration:


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Please stay compassionate and kind to one another in times where hate may be prevailing.

If you have any questions at all, please do comment down below!

– Rana

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