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Running Through The Term With My Woes.

Note: ‘Woe’ stands for Working On Excellence. the squad you run with everyday should be working on excellence. It is a Toronto slang of endearment towards friends. This is one of the many hip-hop jargons that you will learn from reading my blog posts. Hehe.

It was the first time I had set foot in an international flight. I had taken a couple of flights before this, but they have always been domestic flights with an average traveling period of 45 minutes. This time, however, I was setting my foot into a huge airplane with an average traveling period of 13 hours. I was excited and happy, but I was also sad, anxious and nervous. My heart was a boiling cauldron of mixed emotions and my mind was littered with thoughts.

I am pretty sure every international student can relate to this feeling. Of course, it is not easy to leave home and set out on an adventure in a different country in a different continent so far away from home but it was necessary to leave my comfort zone to discover myself and the world. The comfort zone is a nice place but nothing beautiful ever grows there.

Flash forward to the present, it has already been 2 months since I have been at the University of Warwick. Time flies when you are out here living like its your last adventure. It took awhile for me to settle down. It takes time to get used to weather, the food, the accent, the lingo and everything else. My body was not very cooperative either. As soon as I got here, I immediately fell sick. The pleasant faces in the SU atrium showed me the way to the pharmacy to get the necessary medication.

Once I started to get comfortable, I started having a brilliant time. I absolutely loved my modules, both my core and optional. I was particularly excited about my EC104 module, The World Economy: History and Theory. Mostly because I love reading about history and I also happen to be those lucky few who enjoys reading and has a decent ability in retaining information. The reading helps me take my mind off all the Mathematics that comes in the other modules, especially Microeconomics.

I attended plenty of taster sessions for clubs and societies. I was trying out things that I have never heard of. That speaks volumes about the amount of choices available at the university. Through these taster sessions and meetings, I was able to meet like-minded people who enjoyed the same things as I do. That really was helpful because I had a difficult time trying to make friends, mainly due to my awkwardness and my terrible ability in remembering the names and faces of people. I swear if I do not look at my face regularly in the mirror, I’d probably forget mine too. But yes, societies and clubs were an amazing opportunity to meet people and make friends.

Every week, no, every day, there is always something interesting or exciting going on campus. The recent week, I took part in a protest on campus. It was a protest against slave trade in Libya that was recently uncovered by major news organizations. This protest was organized by the Warwick Anti-Racism Society. It was my first time of taking part in a protest. We walked around campus with placards and we chanted slogans. It was really a unique experience and I really appreciated how the university provides students the space and platform to express their views. The best thing about a modern, liberal, secular education is how the value of free speech and expression is upheld and cherished. On a lighter note, I was also in the Chaplaincy earlier the same week making Christmas cards for underprivileged children. My artwork was decent, to say the least. It was pleasant spending my evening with the members of Hindu Society (despite me not being a Hindu myself), listening to Christmas carols, sitting in groups, cracking jokes while helping one another to complete our Christmas cards. The Chaplaincy is a lovely place. The ambience and the energy there is positive and refreshing.

On the last day of the term, well you know how it goes, I joined a couple of my friends for a night out at Neon. Neon is a club located at Leamington and it has, by far, the best music compared to all the other clubs that I have been to (I’m looking at you Copper Rooms). But don’t take my word for it, I don’t really party that much to tell which club has better music. If you do, let me know in the comments perhaps and I would like to check it out. The important thing was, we had a good time and we safely arrived back to campus at the end of the night. Drink responsibly kids.

Right now, I still have one assignment left to complete. The deadline is on the 13 of December. Do not procrastinate like me. Do your work on time so that you can produce your best piece of work. Yes, the irony. I guess I should take the advice for myself. I am really looking forward to Christmas this year. I am also looking forward to play in the snow. I have never seen snow in my life. I am super excited for the snow. On my next post, I will share with you about my experience celebrating Christmas in the UK and how did I use my term break to catch up on my academic workload (if I manage to do so).

Till then, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. See you soon.

Warm regards, Sugheson

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