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Rootes: The full story

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Picking accomodation is tough right? I remember my experience, dredging the internet to try to get a feel for what each accomodation is like before making my informed decision, the best kind of decision. I was in Rootes and there are a lot of opinions floating around out there, read on if you want the views of a 3rd year who’s been there, done that.

Deciding on which accomodation is right for you

Right off the bat I will advise you that just because you can afford something, doesn’t mean it’s the best fit for you. Price is a huge factor for some, as it was for me. I would say it played the biggest part in my final decision to put Rootes as my first choice, because I knew that chosing anything more than £100/week would make my first year more difficult to fund and enjoy. Just remember, any money you don’t spend on accomodation can go towards experiences that will shape you as an individual, the ski trip being a great example. If I had chosen, say, Tocil, I doubt I could have afforded the ski trip, which was one of the most memorable weeks of my first year.

Wii sports resort hit different in Rootes

So, what is Rootes really like?

To be honest there’s a lot going on. Kitchens are very varied, with some being dead quiet and others full of the classic UK university first years, always ready for an adventure, whether it be a day trip to ikea or the infamous Wonky Warwick Week (patent pending – (Kasbah, Smack, POP!, Zephyr, Neon, Assembly, Dirty Duck)).

You will meet a lot of different people in Rootes, especially if you utilise the corridors.

The nature of Rootes is such that there is always somebody you can be socialising with. Can be, but I also found that the rooms are nice for having some time on your own, which everybody needs occasionally.

The location is obviously fantastic, I had to cross campus to Chemistry for a lot of my lectures but even then i could leave at 5 to and make my lecture…not that I recommend it

The kitchens.

Ah yes, the kitchens.

Now, the kitchens.

I was lucky in that there were 13 of us to a kitchen, so there was no trouble when I wanted to cook. However I will be honest with you, our kitchen got messy. Very messy. By the end of the year we had two bin bags full of dirty pots, pans, utensils and cutlery – bit ridiculous. However, that was on the whole an anomaly. I think it’s very dependant on how you start out. Agreeing with your flatmates on some basic rules can never do harm, afterall no one enjoys living in squalor, some are just oblivious to it.

Soooo to sum up;

-Rootes is a great accomodation for those on a budget.

-Rootes is a sociable accomodation, but you don’t have to be. There is no pressure to socialise, everything is quite relaxed and you can truly be yourself because you’re bound to find people you get on with here, if you look.

-The location is very convenient. From rolling out of bed at 10-to to make your 9am, to stumbling home at 2am post-pop, to taking that cheeky nap between your 1pm and 3pm lectures, your Rootes room will always be there for you, and no doubt the rooms of your flatmates.

-A general note, there is no noticeable different between sharing a bathroom between two and 6, just a £40 a week difference to your bank account!

Hope this helps anyone struggling to decide, feel free to ask any questions!

AustraliaUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Billy Dyer | Chemistry (with Industrial Placement) Contact Billy
  • l.tytday

    What is the difference between the Standard Room, International House and Non-Standard room?


    • Billy Dyer Chemistry (with Industrial Placement)

      Hi I’m actually not too sure myself. I believe international house is a different, circular layout and is less populated than new or old Rootes. Warwick accom will be much better suited to answering your question. Their number is ***** *** ***


    • l.tytday

      Thanks a lot


  • ssaif24

    This was really helpful! Ideally I want to share a bathroom with as few people as possible, do you get any choice in this?


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