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Revision v Work v Life v Bed

The Easter Holiday is a long one. At least, it seems that way at the start. 5 weeks is a long time, but it’s soon the final week of the holiday and you’re not entirely sure what you’ve done with the time. That’s where I’m at now – not quite sure what I’ve achieved.

Of course, it’s a great time to meet up with old school friends, earn some money to see you through the rest of the year, catch up on FIFA and, of course, sleep. But it’s also a time where people seem to do a lot of revision. Or at least seem to.

I’ve found it hard to get myself motivated to get on with some revision despite the fact that exams are right around the corner! The key is, in my opinion, finding some balance between revision, meeting up with mates, working, and all that other stuff. As such, for the final week of the Easter holidays, I’ll be attempting to do at least 4 hours revision everyday. I know – that doesn’t sound like much at all, but I’ve got a business to run, plus I’ve just taken Sheffield Wednesday to the Champions Cup semis on FIFA, so I think it’s justified…

Thankfully my exams don’t start until a few weeks after the beginning of term, so I’ll have time at uni to focus on work!

Wish me luck,


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