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Revision, revision, revision…

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So it’s finally here, term 3!

Exams are just around the corner and the panic of revision is starting to hit everyone. The lectures and language lessons have started again and my revision timetable is looking quite scary. But we’ve still all managed to find time to go on three nights out in between revision sessions! (Thanks to UniExpress who still run buses to Smack despite it being exam time!)

Lectures this term are purely revision; all of the module content was finished in term 2 so now we can concentrate on revising and, in my case, writing up notes. Everyone has different ways of revising but for me the best way to learn is through writing out notes and flashcards so I get to revise while I’m writing the information out. Unfortunately this is easier said than done! I’m spending a lot of my time writing out my notes but I know it’ll be worth it in the end. Another key point I would suggest with revision is to make a serious revision timetable. It may sound trivial but an organised timetable encourages you to keep up to date with revision and makes sure you don’t miss out any topics. (And don’t forget that satisfying feeling when you can cross off the topics at the end of the day!)

The library is where you’ll find most students during term 3 as it opens 24/7 instead of having limited hours like in terms 1 and 2. This does have its downfalls though: if you plan to revise in the library you need to get there early and grab a seat! Usually the library is completely full by mid-morning and many people don’t leave until late in the evening. But there are other study areas across campus: the learning grid is really convenient, University House is usually a bit quieter, and even the department workrooms are useful. Fortunately for me I work best in my own room where I have all of my notes (and the kitchen full of food).

So most of my time recently has been spent in my room with my friends revising in silence, doesn’t sound too fun! But surprisingly it’s actually refreshing having lots of people in the flat and revising (and taking revision breaks) with other people. Having friends around during the revision/exam period is helpful as it motivates you to work when they are working.

I best get back to my revision, exams are only round the corner! (AAHHH)


Bethany Goodman | Language, Culture, and Communication Contact Bethany

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