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There is always a strange tension when going back to uni. After every holiday break you are ready to return but at the last minute you feel you could stay home another week. In my three years that feeling has never gone away. Luckily, as soon as you get back, the conflict fades and you remember just how great uni life is.

I love setting up my room with everything perfectly ordered and in its place, knowing that by week 2 it will all be a mess anyway. I love seeing my housemates again and recalling last term’s banter together. I love the sense of purpose as I set about juggling the various aspects of my day-to-day life: reading, essays, society meetings, sport, church, lectures, seminars, sleeping, eating…playing Mario-Kart…

This being my final year, I have made a point of savouring these moments. I remember in my first year being told by final year students just how fast university goes. Now as I find myself in their shoes, I can’t help but agree.

I can’t avoid lamenting that my time here at Warwick is fast coming to an end. Yet my lament is reassuring because it’s a sign that it has been good.

Returning to Uni

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