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Results day is near….

I’m sure you’re all nervous as well as excited to start you’re new journey at university (albeit in a very unusual circumstance). I thought i’d give my three top tips on how to make the first few weeks of uni as exciting and rewarding as possible.

  1. Speak to EVERYONE! Everyone is in the same boat as you whether it seems like it or not. Most people will be living away from home and won’t know many people at the university. There will be people from a variety of different courses so this is the best time to make friends and get to know the others in your building.
  2. Take part in ALL departmental activities! The first few weeks is when you will get to know the academics and student sin your department. Your department will usually put on a few sessions where you can just go in and speak to people. Its a great way to break the ice in an informal setting.
  3. Find out where you can get help from! There will always be a part of you that is worried and will feel stressed. It might not be right at the beginning but there will be a time during you’re degree you might need to speak to someone. Finding out right at the offset, what is available to you, can put your mind at ease if you ever do have any problems.

Finally, the best way to make friend will probably be through Warwick Scholars. Some of the people I speak to often are my friends from the programme. Make sure you attend the social session. They’re a great way to get to know each other and take a break away from the academic side of university.

Good luck! I look forward to seeing you all soon!


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