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Results Day and Clearing

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all enjoying your summer however you are choosing to spend your days. It is now 13 days until A level results day, scary I know. If you are lucky enough to have a confirmed unconditional offer then you do not have to worry about meeting your offer as you already have a place. For everyone else your location next year all depends on results. There is no point in worrying now, you still have two weeks to go but if you are feeling a little hesitant you can see the universities with clearing available (even Warwick has some depending on the course).

You can log on to UCAS track to see if you have been accepted. I remember logging in at 7am to see mine but be warned your university choices may not have made their decision and it will take a while to load. There are four outcomes of results day:

1. You have a place at either your firm or insurance option dependent on grades

When you log in to the track service you will see your confirmed place. This can give an indication of the grades you achieved but some courses can accept you if you were close to the grades. So, it is not definitive.

2. You may need to have a remark if you are close to the grade

The remarks can be rushed so you find out any changes in just over a week. You need to call up your firm or insurance university and notify them of your plans. There has been a change in remarking in 2017 when marks will only be changed if the mark scheme has been applied wrong or the totalling of the marks is wrong. Unfortunately there is no change for different interpretations of the answer anymore. ANother warning is that marks can go up and down.

3. You might receive a changed course offer

You either need to accept or decline this. Essentially it is the university offering you a place on a slightly different course. For example, if you applied for maths and didn’t meet the offer then the university could offer a statistics course.

4. If you do not have a place then you go through clearing

You need to add a clearing option using the track service after you call the university that you are interested in. There is an app for clearing and it can be done anywhere. My school would sit the student down until they had an offer. But you can also look at taking a gap year for work experience or undertaking an apprenticeship.

Side note: If you do better than expected

You can go through adjustment while keeping your firm choice’s offer. You call up the university and say you’re applying through adjustment (give your personal ID too). Only verbally accept one offer as you can only take one offer for adjustment.

One important thing, you MUST celebrate your results! You have gone through 2 years filled with stress and have achieved so much! Whether it’s a meal with your family or partying with friends results day should be an occasion after all it is the start of your new life.

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