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Results Day

I’ve officially moved out and have collected my results, I can say that second year has finished but my third year has started immediately. I was so nervous today, purely because all of the results I had received throughout the year were unpredictable. Now I have my final average and I achieved a high 2.1. I’m content, to say the least, why?…

I put in so much more effort than I did in my first year and it shows in my results, however, I can confidently say that I only put in about 80% of hard work into my studies. I know for a fact I can work so much harder, but what I have learnt about the way that I study (and I have said this so many times before), do not peak too early. I still have the drive to work hard and I’m still excited to continue my studies. There is no time to relax. I’ve already started dissertation preparation and I’m ready to take on my third year.

For those who have received their results what we must focus on is look at the bigger picture. If you have got brilliant results remember that you still have another year to maintain or even possibly improve your grade. For those who unfortunately are not so happy, remember that you still have a year to pick up your grades. There is time, and there are people around you who are ready to help you and give you the best tools to improve at a quick pace. You have the summer, use it wisely. Work on your essay writing, get ahead on reading, do whatever you can to help yourself for the next year because your future self will thank you for it. Like I said, there is always a bigger picture, see what you can do to change your lifestyle to help you push yourself a bit further. For example, a lot of my time was dedicated to societies and simply just enjoying university life- good, obviously, this helps with character building and providing with new valuable experiences. But, at the end of the day, I’m here to do my best in my degree, yes to make amazing memories but I don’t want any regrets or even any doubts of my own efforts– I’m sure you don’t either. Remember your priorities, your friends and family will understand this is for you and your progress it’s time to make some sacrifices.

Enjoy your summer, spend time with your loved ones and pick up your hobbies. Do some light reading/preparation for your final year or for your second year. Remember why you wanted to study this subject, having this knowledge will answer so many questions. You can make such an impact through your education, your position in the university can improve society as a whole, do yourself justice you have the potential to influence the world.

Any questions fire them away! 🙂

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