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Results Day!

Hi folks, I know I’ve been quiet the last few weeks but I’ve been away with family on a well earned fortnights holiday to sunny Santa Susanna in Spain. However, I’m back and wishing I was beginning year 2 now!

So firstly, results day didn’t go quite to plan with my household being struck down with the dreaded sickness bug and me being totally bedridden and unable to leave the house. To say I was gutted was an understatement. I was so excited to meet with my fellow students (who are now good friends), and join them for a celebratory breakfast which had been planned for a few weeks. I couldn’t go. I emailed my tutor explaining my situation and asked for my results via email. I waited all morning, I knew my friends were getting theirs face to face at 1pm. 1:30pm – Still nothing!! The suspense was killing me. In my mind, I had no doubt I was going to pass my first year. Without coming across arrogant in any way, I’d worked damn hard my first year and feedback from tutors regarding previous formative assignments made me think this way. However, although failure was not an option for me, it was the grade that mattered.

On a 2+2 Social Studies degree, after year 2, you are given the opportunity to choose certain modules specializing in a particular subject, depending on your chosen career path and that subject will be your major. Out of my entire group, I am the only one taking Business Studies as my major. This isn’t the natural route of a Social Science degree, but hey, being unconventional has got me here so I’m not prepared to stop now! Most of my friends on my course are taking either teaching modules or social work modules to adhere with their chosen careers. Hats off to them i say, it’s just never been my thing. In order for me to take Business Studies, especially with it being ‘off the beaten track’ if you like, would mean completing year 2 with a grade Warwick Business School deems an acceptable level to take on the pressures of those modules. Basically a 2:1 would be an acceptable entry level requirement. So, the pressure was on! Although this was only year one, modules are chosen in year 2 and I need to show I’m at least heading towards that level.

I looked on social media and there it was, my friend’s status’ expressing their excitement on their year one mark! I was so proud of them. After all, we had all worked hard and had stuck by one another and supported each other on the days when giving up seemed not only the best option but the only option. They had done it! I couldn’t wait any longer, I called them and asked them to send me my results. That 5 minutes seemed like forever! Then it came, a picture message with my results on. A list of my four modules, Sociology, Research Methods, Health and Welfare Policies and politics with my grades next to each one…… 2:1, 1, 2:1, 1! I felt overwhelmed with pride and relief. Not only had 2 of my modules given me the 2:1’s I needed to set the bar for Warwick Business School, but two 1s as well! I had done it. Smashed year one with flying colours and couldn’t wait to call my fiancé and my sisters to let them know. They were all so happy for me and it felt great.

A week later I flew to Spain with my family and also my sisters and their families and whilst sat having a lovely meal one evening surrounded by palm trees and the sound of an acoustic guitar playing in the background, my phone pinged with an email. There it was…

There it was in black and white! I had done it. It’s safe to say I’m so excited to begin year 2 and am ready for the challenges I may face along the way. I know with the support of my friends and family, just as I have had this year, I can do it.

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