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Results & CLL End of Year Party

A week Friday ago it was CLL’s end of year party, this is open to anyone who is studying with CLL. Copious amounts of alcohol were consumed and the salsa lesson didn’t happen this year; such a shame, however, an ad hoc salsa dance happened. The evening was a laugh and I believe there was a few bad heads the next morning! It was a great evening to end the year, especially for us finalists, as we’d had our results the day before. I am happy to say that I got a 2:1 overall, something that I am very pleased with considering everything I thought when I started this degree. It just goes to show that if you put your mind to something you can achieve what you want!

My part time job I’ve had for the last couple of months is now over, so there is no more working for me now. I’m hoping we have enough money to survive the holiday season before I start my MA at the end of September. I always hate the summer when I don’t get any financial support. I know I could go and sign on but it seems a bit silly when I know I’m going to start another year at uni, or like this time start my MA. However, I know Unitemps is always there if I need some work nearer the end of the summer holidays. So I’m hoping it’s a lovely summer where I can spend loads of time at different parks with Faith spending some quality time with her. We’ll probably go and see my auntie in Clacton in August too, that’s always lovely and Faith loves jumping in her wheelchair!

So the final thing left for me to do, as an undergraduate is to graduate, a day I’m really looking forward to celebrating with family and friends! Graduation this year for CLL is on the 19 July, which I’m really looking forward to. We’ve just come back from our holiday in Devon with my parents, I think we chose the best week to go, lots of blue skies and swimming in the outdoor pool. It was our last holiday in school time, as Faith starts ‘big school’ in September! I still can’t quite believe that she was 6 months old when I started this degree, and she’s now off to school. The time really has flown by! So for now I will say goodbye and my next blog will be my final blog and I’ll be writing about my Graduation. If you’re really lucky I may even post a few photos!

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