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Restaurant Gems of Warwickshire

Money is a unit of account, a store of value, and a means of buying food. Luckily for Warwick students, the surrounding area boasts an impressive variety of restaurants, cafés, butchers, and grocery stores that any cuisine-inclined students should definitely look into. In this post I’ll focus on some of my favourite restaurants I’ve had the pleasure of visiting while at Warwick, especially a few lesser known (mostly to students) ones if you’re willing to go a little out of your way:


As a rather famous and quite pricey chain of family restaurants, Bills is here especially for the one time of year it becomes worth it to come (given the opportunity cost of not going to one of the numerous better restaurants in the area): Pancake day.

I’ve had breakfast before, like I’m sure many of you have too, but I, my friends, have dined on the breakfast-equivalent of the mana given unto the Israelites in the book of Exodus. Five thicc american pancakes topped with an inglorious volume of syrup have filled my plate, and soon after, my stomach. I hope that one day they can also fill yours. We’ll worry about the diabetes when it comes.

Basement Browns:

Genuinely some of the best pizza I’ve had in my life. Basement Browns is a friendly, fast, and delicious way to stop being hungry. The variety is there, and their own combinations of pizza toppings really must be well researched because I’m yet to experience a less than stellar pizza from the establishment. Uniquely, when you order (at the counter) you are given a little electric pad that vibrates violently when your pizza is ready. Trust me you won’t miss it.

For you pizza connoisseurs, however, it must be said that their oven is not a wood burning monster, but a gas guzzling sizzler. That said, it’s almost more impressive that they’ve reached the standard they have given this shortcoming. Well worth a try if you’re making a visit or live in Leamington, forget Dominos.

Tasca Dalí:

I hope you like making friends, and also have an empty stomach and a large appetite, because these are things that are necessary to visit this Warwick based Spanish restaurant.

When I went with a friend we decided to sit close to the bar, the chef works in an area where you can see everything he’s doing, and he often just chats to the server casually while preparing some intricate plates. The taster menu is what I’d recommend, but only if you’re up for spending a bit and eating a lot.

Very friendly staff if you’re willing to chat, great place for a date if you’re that way inclined.

La Mesa:

A real experience. The chef cooks whatever is on his mind based on the fresh ingredients he can get for the day. As such there is no set menu and you’ll never know what you’re getting, only that one of them will probably end up being one of the best things you’ve eaten all year. Honestly the Tripadvisor reviews speak for themselves, there’s a reason this restaurant is ranked number 1 in Warwickshire (that’s right the whole county).

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