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Resolutions and Plans

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It’s 2017 – Happy New Year!

The Christmas holidays went past far too quickly and suddenly it’s a whole new year – and with it will come a whole new set of challenges. So first thing’s first, let’s make some New Year’s Resolutions.

Work harder than ever before…

I’m sure this has been on everyone’s resolutions list for a number of years but this year I really mean to keep it. After achieving some grades to be proud of this Christmas I want to work harder than ever and show everyone what I’m capable of. I have less hours this term so more time for me to be productive and hand in my best work. It’s a fresh start so forget about anything you might’ve not done well on before and take this as a time to start again and aim for the stars!

Review my attendance…

So last term I found myself with a lot of deadlines and not much time in which to work on them, this meant I was missing a lot more lectures than I had hoped to. But this year I’m going to ensure I attend as much as possible and work hard through all my lectures and seminars – I’m halfway through my entire degree so let’s make it count!

Find a place to live…

One plan I’m making for the (very) near future is to find somewhere to live for my third year. I’m in a difficult situation where my friends have already signed for a house but I didn’t because I was waiting to hear from placements for a Year in Industry. However, after some rejections and a lot of waiting around I’ve decided to start finding somewhere to live and forget the idea of a placement – it would have been a great opportunity but I’m going to find a shorter one during the Summer. Living by myself next year is going to be a strange one but definitely a good thing: no friends to distract me from my work, my own bathroom, and no more cleaning other people’s mess!

I hope you’re all ready to have a fresh start and are looking forward to a great year! Goodbye 2016!

Bethany Goodman | Language, Culture, and Communication Contact Bethany

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