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Resolute Resolutions: Getting life on track for 2018

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

And here we are again at the start of term, freshers have more or less fully settled into their university life schedules, yet there is still the excitement of much more of the Warwick experience to anticipate. After enjoying the time back home amongst all the festivities, abundance of food and being back with the family, it’s time once again to get back into the grind of work. As cliche as it may be, New Years resolutions are a good way to motivate yourself for the upcoming 20 weeks of the last two terms for university students, especially before exam season approaches. These are some of my guides to making achievable and realistic new years resolutions and how you can optimise them to not only improve your student life, but can also be implemented as habitual goals for the future.

Organisation is crucial in anything you do and it is one of the most basic foundations that will have a large effect on your efficiency when doing any task you are faced with. Having a decluttered environment translates to a more streamlined though process and in effect, enables you to complete tasks in easier and sequential steps. You will find that being organised will help ease a large load of stresses you may have had no idea originated from being organised and it helps you plan out your days so you can be more productive throughout the weeks. Having a clear breakdown of each day and the tasks you need to get done throughout this slotted time ensures you are able to prioritise more important tasks and assignments over other things and also assures you when you have any free time to take a breather and focus on yourself and your well-being.

It is very easy to get stressed and anxious balancing work, taking care of yourself and any other situations that may be taking place in your personal life including friendships, relationships and family. Knowing when you need a break to just take a breather, spend some time to focus on yourself and purge any of the emotions that you’ve been choking back which is on the brink of erupting. During these times in particular when you feel like you have hit a low point, are the times when you end up noticing which people in your life are there to support you and others not so much. This is also a good way to do some crucial spring cleaning in the friendship department as well and detaching yourself from some people who you feel like are just not understanding or fully there for you. Make sure you know who to seek for any academic support and mental health, and many times you home department is able to guide you through extension requests or in cases where you may consider applying for mitigating circumstances

Easier said than done, but many things start with how you approach things with a certain mindset. I in particular, know that my emotions get very turbulent and I suffer from anxiety and tend to beat myself up over every mistake or rough patch I encounter. Reading self help books such as the series of books by Andrew Mathews or even podcasts such as the free podcast series on iTune called optimal living daily, which a friend actually referred to me. Sometimes surrounding yourself with constant reminders to be positive, and that everything will be ok once this certain boulder in your path is alleviated, helps prime a more positive outlook on everything especially when you are going through a rough patch.

With a new year and so many more opportunities in the week and months ahead, nailing this first month can really benefit you in terms of starting of this year on the right foot.

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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