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A Kind Reminder to All Readers

Honestly I don’t even have to mention what I want to write about, but you know where this is headed to.

While it may seem bothersome and costly to cancel your travelling plans or ditching the concert you’re dying to go to, trust me you’re not alone.While this issue has impacted the world economically, politically and socially, I think what’s worse is how it is impacting our mental health. For me, I can’t help but feel sad because this year I’ve finally found meaningful and quality friendships, especially since I feel like a social floater most of the time, and I am beginning to value friendships more than anything.But now, I believe we should stop thinking about ourselves and rather think about the community. I feel that now it is a civic duty for you to stay at home. Yes, us young adults may not die from this virus, but we can potentially be a transmitter to vulnerable people and I really would not want to wish that upon anyone. While people may laugh at the fact that this is a ‘boomer remover’ issue, but what if that boomer is your mother? Or your best friend’s grandparent? 

This is what I will do. Whenever feel bored and feel the need to travel, I think about the nice old lady who regularly take walks with her dog and will always say hi to me every time we meet. I think about my grandfather who never fails to attend all my graduation ceremonies and gives a standing ovation every time my name is announced. I think about my friends, and how it could impact them if anything were to happen to their parents.

So lets start playing our role in flattening the curve; avoid non-essential travel at all costs and start practicing social distancing. The basic hygiene practices also apply and stay safe everyone! Remember you are not only helping yourself, but the people around you! 

Also please stay in touch with each other! I need social interaction so I don’t mind doing an online tik tok video together, or learn some dance tutorials, or even just catching up on our lives and keeping ourselves accountable with the revision we have to do albeit the uncertainy of our assessments.

We can get out of the pandemic, we just need to play our role to help do so. 

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