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Remember your priority

Week 4 and it’s finally clicked. My passion to study has become stronger and I’m so happy that it has arrived at the right time. Timing is always so important when studying. You need to ensure that you don’t burn out too quickly. Weird as it sounds but I work best when I’m under pressure. I’ve created all the pieces of the jigsaw over the past few weeks, but now it’s time to put the pieces together and complete my assignments. I can’t rush it otherwise the pieces will break and the end picture will not reach it’s full potential. I also can’t leave it too late, otherwise, the picture may not be completed. Enjoy your studies and grow from these experiences. Come out of your comfort zone and force yourself to improve. Every day you should reflect and try and make a target for yourself. Each day you will make progress, big or small.

Currently, applied to a coding course for girls on campus. Coding is so important in our current society. Therefore, I want to learn about it. Yes, it’s another thing to juggle however, it’s out of my comfort zone and that is where growth happens. What benefit will coding bring to a classics student? It gives me a new insight of the world, and gives me an opportunity to learn something new. University is the hub of learning, embrace it.

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