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remember talking helps!

Hi all,


Sorry it been a while since I’ve wrote a blog.

My start to the new year didn’t go as well as one would hope. On New Year’s Day I discovered a lump in my neck, I assumed was swollen glands, but over the next few days it seemed to be growing in size, yet I didn’t feel poorly, which I thought was a little strange. So, thought I better get it checked over, I went to my GP just for peace of mind really, but my GP advised me that as there was no infection or reason for my lymph nodes to be swollen, he would be treating it as serious and referred for an emergency tests at the hospital.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I got the appointment for 2 weeks later with the haematology department, where my consultant advised me that she thought there was a good chance I had lymphoma (complete shock). I had a biopsy, CT scan, ultrasound scan, and numerous bloods tests over the next week or so, and then an agonising 3 week wait for results. Luckily all my tests come back normal and my lump went down, my consultant is now at a loss to what caused the lymph node to swell, I have one more scan and blood test and as long as there normal I will be discharged. 

Needless to say, the last few months have been very stressful, however, the support I have received not only from my friends and family, but also from the staff in CLL has been absolutely amazing and has defiantly kept me going throughout it all. Speaking to the welfare officer was also really helpful just being able to get everything off chest was great thank you!

Whilst, I was waiting for my results I was unable to concentrate on any of my assignments and ultimately ended up applying for extensions (first time in four years). 

I’ve had to work hard to catch up on work that I’d missed and to get my assignments done and in on time, but my tutors have also been super supportive and helpful when I’ve needed to run through the work that I missed thank you! Anyway, I’ve now caught up and feel so relieved.

At one point I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to complete my final year, now I’m nearly there, my dissertation is going well, and only a few assignments left to complete before May, so a busy couple of months ahead but will defiantly be worth it. The very thought of completing my degree is amazing, there has been some tough times throughout the four years, but I’m nearly there and it feels so unreal. 


So, if anyone is struggling with anything, no matter what it is remember there is plenty of support available, you don’t have to struggle alone, just talking can help.


Thank you for reading my blog


See you all soon 


Emma xx





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