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Refreshers Is Here

Finally I am free of exams! My exam period only lasted 6 days, but those 6 days were crazy and I am so happy that I can now have fun and not have to think about revision (until another 4 months). Finishing exams at Warwick is so great because there’s much to do on campus, you can literally never run out of options. Whether you want to go out for dinner, grab drinks at the bar, watch a film in the cinema, relax by the lake, watch events on the big screen in the piazza – you can do it all on campus, the list is endless!

During our actual freshers at the start of Term 1, we had lectures running at the same time so it was quite hectic and very tiring. After the late nights out, we would have to wake up early and get to our lectures so I’m not going to lie, it was pretty crazy. I think Uni of Warwick are trying to sort out a freshers week where there aren’t any lectures – so it will be like a normal Uni freshers. Either way, my freshers in Term 1 was so much fun and wildly busy and I’ll never forget it. However, these past few days of freedom have been like a refreshers for me and I am loving it. Especially since I know the campus, the Coventry/Leamington/Birmingham area and I know the clubs, I have been able to tailor this refreshers to what I like and enjoy doing. Some days I have spent the entire day in bed watching a million youtube videos, whilst other days I have been out to the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham – I play it by ear and it all depends on how I’m feeling. The greatest thing about this refreshers time for me is not having to set an alarm – in particular, no alarm after a clubbing night out which is my dream come true. I did slightly want to cry when the weekly fire drill went off on Tuesday at 9am, since I had been out the night before clubbing at Kasbah, but I recovered from the scare. The mini heatwave we have had these past couple of days has been so convenient also, it really has made my days of freedom so much fun.

Sadly, I have to move out of Jack Martin on Friday and head back home for good since I have my first shift back at work on Saturday. I wish I could stay for longer and enjoy these lazy free days, but I’m also looking forward to starting my Summer at home! I’ll carry on blogging throughout the Summer so stay tuned to see what I get up to in the next 4 months.


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