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Reflections of Term 1

Well, it’s over. I’ve finished term 1 of my second year at uni. It has been one of the most enjoyable terms so far. Work is hard, but you begin to develop confidence in yourself as an academic. You know exactly what you have to do to succeed, it’s just the case of having the drive to do it. If you’re confused, you ask for solutions. If you’re worried, take a step back and think things through. Majority of the time I felt lost, but now that I have completed my assignments and I have arrived back home I can see my development as an academic and even as a person.

Being home is difficult, because I have established a settled environment at university, but it’s all about adapting. It’s essential that we have a break and recharge for the next term. However, we must not fall behind on work. I have exams and essays to prepare for and I know it’s going to be a struggle to balance time between family and friends as well as my work. Yet, that’s where the idea of ranking your priorities comes in. Plan to complete work and stick to timings. A couple of hours dedicated to your work each day should seem reasonable because then you will not need to stress about falling behind and letting work pile up.

Enjoy your holidays and eat plenty of yummy food! Watch all the films and listen to all the music you’ve been meaning to watch. Pick up a new hobby for over the holidays. Have some me time and reflect on how much progress you’ve been making. It’s all a journey, enjoy it.

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